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Breast Cancer Awareness Month Begins…

I had mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that breast cancer education and awareness are near and dear to my heart… not just because of all of the breast cancer survivors that I’ve met in my professional life, but also because of my own sisters. Two of my sisters were diagnosed with breast cancer […]

Weeding out the Quacks

I have found that the phrase “Don’t believe everything you read,” is especially true in medicine and in the practice of bio-identical hormone replacement. The internet is flooded with information…both scientifically proven facts and marketing propaganda …and it is often difficult to determine which claims you can trust. I’d like to help break it down […]

Rewards and risks of BHRT practices

There are so many misconceptions about hormonal replacement therapy, let alone, throwing in the term, “bio-identical hormone replacement therapy” or BHRT.  It is simply defined as the use of non-synthetic estrogens, progesterone and/or testosterone derived from plants to treat hormone imbalance and deficiencies.  But what exactly does that mean?  Good medical practice dictates that the […]