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Has Your Energy Reached It’s Freezing Point?

Flowers are blooming, the temperature is rising, and the pool is calling. That can only mean one thing…summer is right around the corner. But the summer can be a disappointment for those of us whose energy levels are hitting their freezing point. So before the summer rounds that corner why not do something to heat […]

Getting your Love Life back and Improving Your Energy Before Summertime

Warm days are beginning to creep in. Winter has just bid goodbye but “winter blues” can linger thru the spring season. How many times did you ask yourself; when will these feelings subside? Is it because of my age that I experience this menopausal or andropause period? Do I really have to experience it at […]

Love Life Stuck In Pit Row?

The holiday season is over and Valentine’s Day has come and gone. For some it was a joyous past couple of months spent with a love one, but for others it was a reminder that we are not as young as we once thought we were. Our bodies are no longer at the age where […]