Dr. Tutera is currently treating early-onset Parkinson’s patients who are experiencing significant improvements in their condition. One of the Baehr Challenge participants, Rick James, who first visited Dr. Tutera in late summer of 2012, was recently featured on the local Phoenix ABC affiliate and on Fox National News. We have included links below, to videos of Rick summarizing the changes he has faced in his life: http://www.abc15.com/dpp/lifestyle/sonoran_living/sl_sponsors/sottopelle-therapy-addresses-hormonal-imbalance-for-men

Please follow this link to hear and read more of this incredible testimony first hand: http://www.foxnews.com/health/2013/06/27/new-way-to-treat-parkinson-disease/

Recently, Dr. Tutera’s work with Parkinson’s patients has been recognized by news media outlets across the country, including a recent interview of Dr. Tutera and Mr. James by a national radio health reporter that was aired in various regions across the U.S.

Separately, a full-page article was written about Dr. Tutera and Mr. James in the April issue of Mountainside Fitness Gyms Magazine; this magazine is distributed nationwide throughout the gyms. Their managing editor, Ann McSherry, interviewed Dr. Tutera for this special issue, which was dedicated to “Parkinson’s Awareness Month.” Click on the picture below to read: