Happier Relationship Secret: Revealed
by: Vanessa Dean, N.M.D

Keeping the “flame” burning as we age and experience the many changes that come as we age…. can be challenging. However, what many of us do not consider is this: the symptoms of aging can decrease our mental happiness, stress our relationships and affect many aspects of life in general.

What Does Age Have to Do With Maintaining Relationships?

The symptoms of aging should more accurately be described as the symptoms of unbalanced hormones.

As we age, hormone levels decline, which causes many to experience unwanted side-effects like increased anxiety, less sleep and a lesser ability to manage and react to stress. The domino effect of these can often affect our relationships with our spouse, children, co-workers and family.


Doctors across the nation report that hormone optimization has restored many of their patient’s quality of life and restored their relationships.


As hormone optimization has become increasingly more well-known, the unexpected “side-effects” are not as much discussed. When I say, “Unexpected Side Effects,” I am speaking about the amazing improvements in quality of life and relationships that can occur when someone becomes hormonally balanced.

Hormone optimization can also help:

– Stress Management and Reaction

– Increase Motivation to Exercise

– Decrease Depression and Restore Joy

– Increase Mental Clarity

– Improve Weight Management & Increase Muscle Tone

If you’re experiencing symptoms of aging, check to see if your hormones are balanced- you have a whole life ahead of you to enjoy!

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