Plastic World

We live in a plastic world figuratively and literally. Everything in our daily lives has plastic in it.

Did you know that chewing gum and our clothes have plastic in them?(1)

Our physical world is filled with plastic in products we would not even suspect:

This past year on February 14th (Valentines Day) the Plastic Soup Foundation began a Twitter campaign directed at the microplastic problem. The Twitter campaign reached over 100,000 people within the first few hours after launch. The organization examines what kind of damage a lipstick kiss can cause. Together with 38 other NGOs they address  major brands including about the use of different microplastics in cosmetics. Where it was previously thought that microplastics come mainly in scrubs, toothpaste and nail polish, the investigation shows that they are also used in lipstick, mascara, deodorant and other personal care products. With the help of consumers, the Beat the Microbead coalition is hoping to create a worldwide ban of plastics in cosmetics.(2)

We immerse ourselves in plastic products which beyond having obvious environmental concerns also present known and yet to be known potential health risks.

Recycle symbol made of used plastic bottles

It’s no surprise, that we then are apt to plastic behaviors. Superficial people make an artificial world. As we age, our desire to meet the superficial demands around us often cause an internal meltdown and loss of identity.

If we can’t age gracefully among the imposed concept of beauty – who are we? This incredibly unhealthy mind set leads to imbalance in our psyche. We find ourselves seeking anything to show the world we are not aging. Real beauty is from within and shines out at any age. It is not defined by your clothes, car, friends or even a wrinkle.

We are not saying to give up on yourself and let yourself go.

Do what pleases you and makes you feel good! Remember, that true light of who you are comes from the inside. If you feel good inside anything outside is a bonus. But, if you are improving the outside seeking to please others, your light of who you are will never shine bright for us all to see.

“Aging is natural and is a reflection of our personal history.Wrinkles tell a story – the story of our lives. We’ve lived, laughed, cried, and smiled; we’ve shared joys and sufferings with those around us. Wrinkles are visible signs that show that life is important and worthwhile, even if living involves aging – and aging brings with it wrinkles and gray hair.Nonetheless, wrinkles seem to be a taboo topic in a culture that has stereotyped the image of beauty. Faced with this situation, there are a number of women who are presenting a new standard of feminine beauty that goes beyond Botox and having a perfect body. They are highlighting the value of experience and the beauty of wrinkles.” (3)

Strive for authenticity not superficial plastic constructs of beauty and age. Cut out the plastic and let’s get back to authentic living.





How Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help You Feel Younger

BHRT therapy, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, is commonly used among men and women who develop symptoms of Andropause or Menopause. Accordingly, these life phases usually occur when individuals reach their forties or fifties causing one to dread middle-aged life. That’s where BHRT therapy comes in; it can help you feel younger in several different ways.
With age, the body naturally begins to function differently. As hormone levels decline, it becomes more difficult to enjoy life as you once did when you were younger. BHRT slows down the aging process utilizing the correct HRT modality.

Rather than accepting the symptoms that come with age, it is now possible to actually feel younger as you grow older. Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, used with the correct modality can help maintain testosterone and estrogen levels for each person to live an optimal life.

Feel Rested
In our forties and fifties, life starts to show us how easy it is to feel more fatigued and tired. Remember your younger days when you could work an entire shift, go to the gym, run errands, and still feel energized. With age, however, this isn’t as simple. BHRT therapy helps maintain hormone levels for your body to stay in sync. This ensures better sleep, stronger muscles, and ability to burn fat, better memory and concentration to name a few benefits.

Healthy Sexual Drive
When testosterone and estrogen levels begin to decline, it can drastically affect one’s sexual life. This might include vaginal dryness or discomfort, and erectile dysfunction. Pellet therapy helps prevent this. Both men and women regain their sexual drive when they invest in SottoPelle?.

Weight Management
Your metabolism naturally slows down with age. Accordingly, it might become more difficult to manage weight gain and maintain muscle mass. Hormone therapy helps an individual with their weight management by utilizing testosterone. Aging does not have to mean that you lose control of your body. Rather, it gives a man or woman the feeling of being more energized and the ability to want to exercise. Hormone therapy can help with weight-loss and promotes healthy living.

As you approach middle-age, one comes to a realization that this is a beautiful part of life. However, the symptoms that come with it are not as welcoming. With BHRT therapy, the stress of fatigue, decreased sexual performance, and weight gain can be put to rest. Age gracefully with SottoPelle®?