Breast Cancer Awareness

This October, SottoPelle Therapy is proud to participate in National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast cancer is one of the most common kinds of cancer in women after skin cancer. About 1 in 8 women born today in the United States will get breast cancer at some point.

The good news is that most women can survive breast cancer if it’s found and treated early.

  • If you are a woman age 40 to 49, talk with your doctor about when to start getting mammograms and how often to get them.
  • If you are a woman age 50 to 74, be sure to get a mammogram every 2 years. You may also choose to get them more often.

Talk to a doctor about your risk for breast cancer, especially if a close family member of yours had breast or ovarian cancer. Your doctor can help you decide when and how often to get mammograms.





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What is ADK?

It is a powerful combination of three very robust and supportive vitamins A, D and K.  These three combined provide a powerhouse of preventative supplemental support for your overall health. All of these vitamins have been correlated to very positive benefits.

Studies have indicated that Vitamin A may help in preventing various health concerns such as vision and certain cancers. It is also suggested that regular intake of vitamin A may help your bone and immune strength. The positive correlation is indicate but not fully understood.

  • Vitamin D has been associated with sunshine. It is actually a bodily reaction to sun exposure. As more and more people avoid the sun due to concerns of skin or aging or just working more informed there has been an increase in Vitamin D deficiency. As with other vitamins you can get it with intake of certain foods but most people don’t regularly eat enough to counter these deficits.

Vitamin K refers to a group of fat-soluble vitamins that play a role in blood clotting, bone metabolism, and regulating blood calcium levels. It is a versatile vitamin that research has suggested can help your cognitive, heart and bone health.

These studies indicate a correlation with Vitamin K deficiency or low intake with a loss in bone health as seen in osteoporosis. They also see benefits in memory and cognitive function as we age with an increase of Vitamin K in the body.

“In one study, healthy individuals over the age of 70 years with the highest blood levels of vitamin K1 had the highest verbal episodic memory performance.”(1)

Summary of SottoPelle Supplement ADK:


* Required for normal bone growth and maintenance.

* Utilizing Vitamin A helps the body remove old bone tissue  and stimulate new tissue growth.  It is critical to help repair fractures and retain bone density.

* Vitamin A and D combined, help support the regulation of bone remodeling.


* Supports calcium absorption in the stomach, maintains adequate serum calcium and phosphate concentrations to enable normal mineralization of bone.

* It is needed for bone growth and rebuilding. Without D3 bones become brittle.

* D3 also supports heart health and vascular function.


* Vitamin K2 has an essential role in bone metabolism and promotion of healthy teeth.

* Helps guide calcium toward areas of the body where it is required such as your bones and away from areas where it could be negative.

* Also, Vitamin K2 deficiency appears to be a factor in the development of diabetes and liver cancer.



Menopause Awareness

Let’s talk about Menopause.

Menopause is not a disease or a disorder, but a natural and normal part of aging.

Despite the increased access to information there still remains a lot of stigma and misinformation associated with menopause. This period in a woman’s life is often poorly portrayed in the media, and reinforces stereotypes and fear for many women.

The best thing a woman can do during this time is educate herself on the facts and know that she is not in this alone.

Menopause is different for everyone and can last a long time. The basis of menopause is when our hormones become imbalanced.  Like a finely tuned machine, when some of the settings are out of whack we can experience some symptoms of menopause.

Some are blatantly obvious, but other medical changes occur that impact our estrogen, ovaries, testosterone and progesterone. This can often result in mood swings changes in libido and irregular or cessation of periods.



Featured Doc – Dr. Clark Brittain, DO

Every week we highlight and recognize one of our amazing providers in a “Featured Doc series.” Today we showcase Dr. Clark Brittain, DO who practices in Bloomington, IN, and has been a SottoPelle Trained Provider since 5/18/2007.

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Plastic World

We live in a plastic world figuratively and literally. Everything in our daily lives has plastic in it.

Did you know that chewing gum and our clothes have plastic in them?(1)

Our physical world is filled with plastic in products we would not even suspect:

This past year on February 14th (Valentines Day) the Plastic Soup Foundation began a Twitter campaign directed at the microplastic problem. The Twitter campaign reached over 100,000 people within the first few hours after launch. The organization examines what kind of damage a lipstick kiss can cause. Together with 38 other NGOs they address  major brands including about the use of different microplastics in cosmetics. Where it was previously thought that microplastics come mainly in scrubs, toothpaste and nail polish, the investigation shows that they are also used in lipstick, mascara, deodorant and other personal care products. With the help of consumers, the Beat the Microbead coalition is hoping to create a worldwide ban of plastics in cosmetics.(2)

We immerse ourselves in plastic products which beyond having obvious environmental concerns also present known and yet to be known potential health risks.

Recycle symbol made of used plastic bottles

It’s no surprise, that we then are apt to plastic behaviors. Superficial people make an artificial world. As we age, our desire to meet the superficial demands around us often cause an internal meltdown and loss of identity.

If we can’t age gracefully among the imposed concept of beauty – who are we? This incredibly unhealthy mind set leads to imbalance in our psyche. We find ourselves seeking anything to show the world we are not aging. Real beauty is from within and shines out at any age. It is not defined by your clothes, car, friends or even a wrinkle.

We are not saying to give up on yourself and let yourself go.

Do what pleases you and makes you feel good! Remember, that true light of who you are comes from the inside. If you feel good inside anything outside is a bonus. But, if you are improving the outside seeking to please others, your light of who you are will never shine bright for us all to see.

“Aging is natural and is a reflection of our personal history.Wrinkles tell a story – the story of our lives. We’ve lived, laughed, cried, and smiled; we’ve shared joys and sufferings with those around us. Wrinkles are visible signs that show that life is important and worthwhile, even if living involves aging – and aging brings with it wrinkles and gray hair.Nonetheless, wrinkles seem to be a taboo topic in a culture that has stereotyped the image of beauty. Faced with this situation, there are a number of women who are presenting a new standard of feminine beauty that goes beyond Botox and having a perfect body. They are highlighting the value of experience and the beauty of wrinkles.” (3)

Strive for authenticity not superficial plastic constructs of beauty and age. Cut out the plastic and let’s get back to authentic living.





Finding Balance at Work

Being more productive at work is a concern at any age.  As we get older and more experienced most of us learn the tricks of our trade and can optimize our tasks at home and at work in less time. Time is money they say, but more importantly it has a priceless value on the quality of our lives.  When faced with the option of working a three- or four-day work week, which would you choose?

People over the age of 40 performed at their most productive levels when they didn’t work more than three days a week.

“This indicates that the differences in working hours is an important factor for maintaining cognitive functioning in middle and older adults,” the researchers said in the study. “In other words, in the middle and older age, working part-time could be effective in maintaining cognitive ability… Our study highlights that too much work can have adverse effects on cognitive functioning.”(1)

By Wednesday of most work weeks, we are all just counting down to the weekend. That weekend generally is consumed with a day of chores and maybe a day to rest, relax or a bit of fun.

If given a choice, most people would choose less work days.  But why are more and more employers giving this choice?  Because study after study has shown that the quantity of hours spent does not increase the quality.  Studies have also shown that this extra day off during the week also allows for employees to schedule medical or other important appointments on that day. It was found that shorter or more flexible workdays increased employee loyalty and reduced turn over. It also decreased absenteeism and lateness all while actually improving productivity.

Many employees are still hesitating to take this option. Many feel if they can accomplish a five day work week in less days will they be bombarded with more work or less pay.

People are living longer, so our workforce is aging and staying at work at older ages.  The financial need requires many to keep working but focused and more productive time spent at work allow more down time.

“Time-management wise, working five days are not effective work days.  Apparently, a recent study by economic researchers published in the Melbourne Institute Worker Paper series, agrees about shorter work weeks; in particular about people over 40 years of age (a.k.a people right below the “typical” retirement age). The study claims that 25 hours of work per week –– roughly a three-day work week –– is the optimal amount of time those 40 and over should work. Which means that your 40-hour workweek just turned into a four day weekend.” (2)

It’s about balance and creating a work environment that fosters creativity and task completion versus a punch clock mentality.  Perception often becomes reality and an open line of communication needs to be present in the workplace for any change to be successful.


Is Everyday a Bad Hair Day?

Your nutrition, hormones, stress and many lifestyle factors can contribute to problems with your hair. Hair loss can occur for many reasons but there are natural and cost effective ways to help this problem.

Our Hair Repair natural supplement is our unique blend of several key ingredients. In a National Institute Health article “Nutrition of women with hair loss problem during the period of menopause” :

“The use of nutritional supplements to correct nutritional deficiencies can undisputedly help many patients and improve quality of life. Dermatologists in skin build and function disorders and in case of hair loss most often recommend diet supplementation with preparation containing Zn, Cu, Fe (especially for vegetarian people), Vitamins A, D, E, niacin, B12 and biotin. Typically, they are based on the B-complex group, including pantothenic acid and p-aminobenzoic acid.”(1)

Everyone loses some hair, but when it becomes excessive it’s important to determine the cause of the loss.  Often this natural process occurs because of hormonal imbalance. Our hormones can be imbalanced due to age, illness or other factors. Speaking to your doctor is important to diagnose the symptom of hair loss and the cause. Many doctors will prescribe the supplements found in our Hair Repair.


Saw palmetto is found to stabilize testosterone levels and slow down the hair loss process. Zinc deficiencies have been identified as a key element in hair disorders and biotin is one of the most prescribed supplement for its treatment. We have successfully blended the most important and productive ingredients for improving your hair health.

Hair Repair is one of our patients favorite supplements as they have found it highly successful in addressing hair loss and damage as they get older.


Take off the hat and undo that ponytail and try our Hair Repair today!!



Mom Knows Best – Listen and Exercise

Some things are said so often we tend not to listen. When it comes to exercise it’s important to pay attention and participate.

My mother has been telling me for years how important it is to stay fit and active as we age.  She’s going strong at 90, working out with a trainer 3x’s a week so there must be some truth in that!  Lately, the information she tells me now is more about lifting weights as I am aging. “Carol, she says, keep up on your body strength, its important so you can get out of chairs and lift simple items!”

Keep Moving

Exercise as a healthy part of your life is an absolute, but the importance of it increases as we age. There are so many studies that support improved quality of life and longevity with regular continued exercise.

I  have been a gym rat most my adult life.  I saw my mother take up running at an early age and thought: Wow what a great role model I should be doing that too! So I ran and ran and ran.  I found my mind going places I didn’t know existed. I was hooked on the high from exercise!  For me its more about getting in touch on another level with myself and spirit. Over the years I have changed up how and what I do to stay fit.  For others, it won’t be the same for them.

People often  ask me:  “What if I have never exercised”?

I say: It’s never too late to start. Take small steps and get moving.

This is my time. I dedicate it to my health and spirituality. Beyond the health benefits of a brisk walk each day or doing some weights,  I find it a great time to think and focus on myself and my growth. Even a walk out the door 1st thing for 15 minutes is a good starting point.

For me, it’s a quiet meditative walk each morning or a quick stop at the gym. I don’t worry about my hair, makeup or clothes – I am there for ME!!

Of course, there are times where I am unmotivated to go exercise. But, each day is a new opportunity to get out and get it done. I don’t dwell on my failures to not exercise but on my successes when I do finish a great workout.

I try to be consistent in healthy activities and in my lifestyle. After my recent whirlwind of packing, traveling and moving all while working – exercise seems like the last thing to do.

But, I must keep going. For me, its more about moving & breathing.  I give myself permission to do a shorter work out when I am tired and un-wanting to get out the door. When I get home I realize how great that felt and happy I got out, even for a shorter amount of time than usual. It’s all about trying.

Finding activities that you enjoy like swimming, bicycling, yoga, or golf are great ways to keep active. Finding someone to do it with, is even better. Often we will go to support someone at the gym before we do it just for ourselves. Whatever the motivation or intent – the sense of accomplishment in keeping active pays off in big ways.

Consistent time at the gym or doing your favorite activity even for 10 -20 mins a day will help keep you healthier. The sudden focus on exercise for folks over 50 is not a coincidence as “the aging population keeps increasing, more and more older people are recognizing a growing need for exercise in their lives. Maintaining an active lifestyle is crucial for sustaining health and happiness. Exercise can help older adults achieve a higher quality of life, and it can help them live longer as well.”

The bottom line:

“Exercising may even have the potential to increase lifespan, and three hours of exercise each week could possibly extend a person’s life by five years.”

See you at the gym!!!


Authentic Aging

Get Involved with educating and eradicating misconceptions about aging.

SottoPelle Therapy has and is dedicated to helping people find balance in their life. Hormonal balance is a critical and foundational component of healthy aging but there are many other aspects for aging gracefully. Our newest website – SottoPelle Lifestyle supports our mission to educate, entertain, and eradicate misconceptions about aging while highlighting various influencers that support the values of authentic aging and a healthy lifestyle. We hope you find the site interesting with informative programs that support the improvement of health and well being of aging adults.  On the site, you will see some of our influencers with advice on fitness, nutrition, care-giving, style and more. Our own authentic aging ambassador and influencer CarolAnn Tutera will be hosting a podcast to discuss important topics to nurture a balanced and healthy lifestyle. One such example of an interesting program is the NYU Aging Incubator.

“The percentage of the world population aged 65 or over is expected to double by 2050. This presents enormous challenges to: health care, the labor force, and the financial health of key institutions, amongst others. The NYU Aging Incubator was established in 2016-17 as a university-wide initiative bringing together faculty and students from across the University from all disciplines who are involved in the study of aging and its impacts. It is hoped that the NYU Aging Incubator will be the resource for the NYU community to find information on research, educational activities, events, and services for the aging community and provide support for the development of innovative and interdisciplinary research, policy and educational endeavors, to improve the health and well-being of older adults.

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