A Day in the Life – Part One

It was 7:30PM and Kendra still had 1000 steps to go. Even though it was the last thing she wanted to do, and even though there was a half-full bottle of pinot grigio in the fridge, Kendra pulled on her Skechers.

“Jasmine!” she yelled into the abyss of her living room, “Come walk with me!”

“Homework!” came the disembodied voice from the next room.

Kendra huffed and clipped her FitBit to the waist of her yoga pants. Her head fairly spun with the neverending to-do list of a 47-year-old single mom, plus she had classes of her own to catch up on. Not to mention her new job at White Owl Publishing required… what was it they called it?

Oh, yes, creativity.

As if her brain had any room in it for that.

It didn’t break Kendra’s heart that her daughter didn’t want to walk with her. At least she wouldn’t have to explain what she was doing on her phone while they walked.

Her forbidden secret.

The scent of Woods’ rose was thick in the Scottsdale evening air as Kendra logged the first 100 steps down her driveway onto the paved road. The sky was the dark, sleepy blue of a missed sunset. Two younger models of walkers passed her, looking far better in their yoga pants than she did. Kendra remembered the not-so-distant past when she’d had firm, muscular legs, too. When she’d been able to talk and jog and breathe at the same time. When her body didn’t feel like it was constantly being run over by an invisible truck. When her brain wasn’t full of taffy. When she wasn’t overwhelmed.

She was just passing 300 steps when she stopped feeling sorry for herself and pulled out her phone.

“I am healthy. I am strong. I am vital.” She whispered the mantras to herself as she logged into the account she’d made a week ago on the site Ximena had recommended to her–the one all the divorcees were using. Her profile pic was a bit outdated, but it still looked like her, sort of. Sure, her short, dark hair was thicker and more lustrous, she’d been a healthy weight, and everybody lied in their profile pics anyway, right?

It was just for fun anyway. Kendra checked her activity to see if she’d gotten any “action” as Ximena called it, and almost tripped on her 565th step.

Holy franks and beans, she had ten more “kissy lips”!

Something about that both thrilled and terrified her at the same time.

She scrolled through the list of men, quickly swiping away the obvious nos. After turning back toward home and logging another 400 steps, she’d whittled it down to three potentials. James was a handsome bespectacled widower, but his prose was heavy with grief and neediness. Cole’s profile was promising, but there was more information about his English bulldog Ruby than there was about him, and Kendra was a card-carrying cat lover. The third one was a handsome salt-and-pepper airline pilot with a nicely-trimmed beard and a friendly smile… what was his name again?

Kendra caught another whiff of Woods’ rose as she stabbed at the phone with her finger while logging the last hundred steps back up her driveway to the front door.

Kyle. That was it. Kyle.

Wait a minute.

Kendra stopped short just before smacking her nose into her front door. She squinted at the photo. She didn’t have her glasses. She needed her glasses! She squinted harder.

It couldn’t be.

But it was.

Kendra gasped. The metal windchimes in the entryway sang mournfully in the dry breeze, and something like a wave of desert wildfire spread across Kendra’s chest and up her neck to her scalp, making her feel like she might spontaneously combust at any second.

This wasn’t just any Kyle. This was Kyle from high school thirty years ago. This was Red Converse Kyle, the star player on the volleyball team. This was Let’s Study Together Kyle.

This was I’ll Walk You Home Kyle.

This was First Kiss Kyle.

Hormone Replacement Therapy – Are You Man Enough?

As a man, sometimes seeking help for a problem can be overwhelmingly difficult. Men are taught and expected to be self-sufficient, strong, problem solvers. They are supposed to do the heavy lifting, to fix broken things, to be “the rock.”

They aren’t supposed to ask for directions. Or help.

They shouldn’t need a doctor. They shouldn’t need anybody.

But that’s not true.

Sometimes men do need help, and guys, if you are experiencing the symptoms of hormone imbalance due to low testosterone levels, this isn’t something you’re going to be able to fix on your own.

See, testosterone is the hormone that makes men men. Its why men have more muscle mass than women. It’s important for bone health and strength. As a sex hormone, it’s responsible for sperm production and plays a major role in libido.

And while it may get a bad rap, being accused of making men violent, aggressive, Type A or sexually promiscuous, this is simply untrue. Sensitive guys don’t have lower levels of testosterone than their macho buddies. In fact, all men need the right amount of testosterone to look and feel their best.

As men age, a gradual reduction in testosterone naturally occurs, about 1% to 2% each year with a more dramatic drop-off happening after age 45. If levels become too low, however, unpleasant symptoms can begin to manifest.

Senior man exercising at gym.

Some signs you may have low testosterone include:

  • Loss of body and facial hair
  • Inability to build and keep muscle mass
  • Low libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Increased breast size (gynecomastia)
  • Brittle bones/bone fractures
  • Dry skin
  • Diabetes
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Poor concentration
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Depression

Low testosterone levels may also increase your cardiovascular risk and levels of bad cholesterol.

The good news is there is a safe, effective treatment for hormone imbalance in men available in the form of SottoPelle pellet therapy!

Through simple blood testing, your testosterone levels are assessed, and our doctors can recommend the right amount of testosterone for your needs. Unlike the gels or injections, you might get at your general practitioner’s office, SottoPelle’s therapy consists of tiny implants compounded from natural, bioidentical testosterone that is indistinguishable from the testosterone your body itself makes. Not only that, but the pellets are tailor-made to fit your specific needs– something you won’t get from synthetic gels or injections.

Our male patients are surprised how much more vital and balanced they feel when their hormone levels are where they should be (you can see some of their testimonials here). They feel strong and energized again. Their sex life is back to where they want it to be. They feel more clear-headed, less anxious, with an improved mood. In short, they feel like the men they want to be again.

And so can you.

Take the plunge and call a SottoPelle practitioner in your area today.

The Power of Pellets -Getting off the “medical merry-go-round” & the “hormone roller coaster”

You can’t put your finger on it, but you know you don’t feel like you used to. You lack energy. Your digestion is… off. You feel moody and sometimes even anxious. You get overheated for no reason. You wake up sweating. That is if you even get to sleep at all.

When you go to the doctor, they can’t find anything wrong. They send you for more tests, put you on medications for things like indigestion or depression or anxiety. But nothing seems to get better.

It’s like a bad dream where you’re stuck on a “medical merry-go-round” that never ends.

If this sounds like you, you might have a hormone imbalance.

Hormone imbalance can be insidious and debilitating, yet few general practitioners catch it. Many women (and men) with hormone imbalance experience symptoms that are easily confused with other medical conditions or doctors can’t find anything at all in labs or diagnostic tests and chalk it up to “normal aging” or psychological issues.

But hormone imbalance is real, and it can be treated.

You can feel well again!

Hormones affect every system in the human body, from digestion to the immune system to metabolism and even our moods and emotions. These chemical messengers have the responsibility of regulating all of these systems and more, keeping the body humming along as it’s meant to. No wonder when your hormones are out of whack, you feel…well, out of whack!

Hormone replacement therapy using the “SottoPelle® Method” is the key to getting back to the life you once knew!

As we age and hormone production decreases, our body feels it. Lower-than-normal hormone levels mean the body is no longer functioning at optimal levels. Bring those hormone levels back up to normal, and suddenly the body is working (and feeling) better!

But the key is to do it right. With the exception of BHRT pellets, hormone replacement therapy involves delivery methods that often cause spikes and sharp declines of hormone levels, which is not what our bodies need to function at it’s best. HRT using bio-identical hormone pellets uses your body’s circulation system to maintain hormone levels in the most natural way possible. No more “hormone roller coaster”!

SottoPelle’s method for bioidentical hormone therapy is designed to treat hormone deficiency in a way that not only corrects improper hormone levels but maintains them over time. The pellet implants deliver a steady, low dose of natural hormone directly into the bloodstream, just like your body would do on its own if it still could. It even adjusts to deliver more hormone when you need it, like during exercise or periods of high stress. Truly “HRT on Demand™.”

Because the pellets are dosed according to your body’s specific needs, you’ll get exactly what you need, when you need it, to bring your hormone levels up to “normal” and keep them there. And you won’t have to bother with creams, pills or patches. Even though the concept of pellet therapy is nearly 100 years old—to this day, it is still a truly revolutionary way to address the symptoms of menopause, perimenopause and andropause. Not only that, pellet therapy with SottoPelle® has been shown to improve bone density better than other forms of hormone replacement therapy. You’ll feel better and protect yourself against bone loss and osteoporosis!

Now is the time to throw out your ticket to that unpleasant carnival where you’re forced to ride the “medical merry-go-round” and the “hormone roller coaster” over and over again.

Featured Provider – Joy Keeton, FNP-C

SottoPelle is proud to showcase one of our providers in our “Featured Provider Series.” Joy Keeton, FNP-C practices in Godley, Texas and has been a SottoPelle Trained Provider since July 2019.

In 2018, Joy Keeton, FNP-C saw a huge need in her hometown of Godley, Texas, so Godley Family Medicine was born. Godley Family Medicine is a primary care clinic with some urgent care services, as well as services such as Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, weight loss, and aesthetic services. Joy is deeply excited to add Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy to her practice, which has already resulted in increased growth, as she resides in a rural town in Texas.

Joy has worked as a Nurse Practitioner in the Emergency Room, Primary Care, House-calls, and still works part time at John Peter Smith Hospital Urgent Care along with her clinic as well as adjunct clinical faculty for The University of Texas at Arlington Family Nurse Practitioner Program.  These practices have earned her the SottoPelle® recommendation and positive patient reviews in the community.

Joy is passionate about helping people become the healthiest and best they can possibly be in disease prevention and health promotion.  Her favorite part of this job is making people feel better about themselves whether that means having more energy and overall feeling better through BHRT, weight loss, dietary modifications, or getting Botox/Xeomin injections.  Her goal is to make people feel good inside and out while promoting health and wellness.  She became a Nurse Practitioner because this job offers her so many opportunities to meet people and have a positive impact in their life. She enjoys providing care through finding and fixing the root cause versus just covering a problem with medication.

We are proud to be associated with Joy Keeton, FNP-C who we have trained to understand the best practices of BHRT.” states CarolAnn Tutera, CEO of SottoPelle®.  “We are thrilled to have Joy Keeton, FNP-C as a Provider of Note who shares our vision of best practices and quality patient care.”

Joy Keeton has the following qualifications:

  • Graduated with a Master’s of Science in Nursing from Texas Tech Health Sciences Center in 2014 and is certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse

To view additional information about Joy Keeton, FNP-C, or to contact the office, please visit Joy Keeton’s  SottoPelle directory listing: https://www.sottopelletherapy.com/doctors/joy-keeton-fnp-c/

Please see below for Joy Keeton, FNP-C’s office address and social media information:

Joy Keeton, FNP-C
Godley Family Medicine
503 N. Highway 171 Suite C,
Godley, Texas 76044, United States

See Joy Keeton, FNP-C’s website: https://godleyfamilymedicine.com/Home.html
Visit Joy Keeton FNP-C’s Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/ godleyfamilymedicine/

Pellet Therapy – Truly customized HRT for Women and Men

Pellet Therapy – Truly customized HRT for Women and Men Imagine this. You order a monogrammed set of pillows for your living room. You are so excited when the box arrives that you immediately rip it open. There are your beautiful pillows looking just like they did on the computer screen when you ordered them! Except, wait a minute. Something’s wrong. Those aren’t your initials.

You call customer service to complain, and the phone rep tells you that those are the most common initials in the alphabet, so they just manufacture all the pillows with those letters. Yes, it’s true they don’t work for a lot of people, the rep agrees, but for a lot of people they do. If you’re one of the unlucky ones, that’s just tough luck.

Sound ridiculous?

Well, that’s exactly how traditional hormone replacement therapy works! Creams, pills and patches are pre-manufactured, pre-dosed, and pre-designed to deliver a certain amount of hormone that might not be the certain amount of hormone your body needs.

Does customization really matter?

Why is it so important to make sure you’re getting the right amount of hormone? Many patients who have been using creams, pills or patches discover that, over time, this type of hormone treatment can lead to side effects. Besides the dreaded “roller coaster” experience, extra hormones that build up in the body can eventually spill back into your system, creating an overdosing effect. Now the same hormones that were supposed to correct an imbalance are actually causing one!

How SottoPelle(R) makes sure you get the right amount of hormone

SottoPelle’s bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses a customizable pellet delivery system to ensure you are getting the right amount of hormone for your INDIVIDUAL needs. Before you ever begin therapy, your blood levels will be tested to determine the best dosage for you (not “most people,” you). For women these tests include FSH, estradiol, SHBG, thyroid, testosterone and free testosterone. Men will have a PSA, estradiol, testosterone, liver profile and blood count. Your hormone levels will be tested again a few weeks after starting therapy and before your next implantation. By routinely monitoring your hormone levels before and during treatment, we can ensure you are getting just the amount of hormone you need.

When your body produces hormones, it doesn’t flood your system all at once! It gently releases what is needed at the time it is needed. Pellet therapy is designed to do the same. Literally, “HRT On Demand”. Pellets will even temporarily release more hormone when you need it, during times of stress or exercise, for example. It is truly the closest thing to the body’s normal hormone production available! So don’t get crammed into a “one-size-fits-all” model of hormone replacement therapy.

SottoPelle is your perfect fit.

Featured Provider – Linda Evans, M.D.

Linda Evans, M.D. has been a SottoPelle Trained Physician since September 2008 and has a thriving practice in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her continued success treating Menopause, Andropause, and anti-aging has earned her the SottoPelle recommendation and positive patient reviews in the community.

Linda Evans, M.D is dedicated to outstanding care and proactive support for the many issues and concerns that arise as we age.

“SottoPelle is dedicated to training doctors like Linda Evans, M.D who practice the highest level of professionalism and patient care,” states CarolAnn Tutera, CEO of SottoPelle. “We are thrilled to have Linda Evans, M.D as a Doctor of Note who shares our vision of best practices and quality patient care.”

Linda Evans, M.D.

Linda Evans, M.D has the following qualifications:

· Board certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist and fellow in the college of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.
· Dr. Evans’ practice has grown to include a focus on the care of peri-menopausal and menopausal women.
· Expert in both hormonal and non-hormonal therapies for menopausal health.
· Dr. Evans takes the time to listen to your physical and emotional challenges and will work with you to address them.
· Dr. Evans recognizes that each patient is a totally unique individual and takes pride in providing the highest quality of healthcare possible.
· Professional organizations she is affiliated with that are specific to menopause health:
— International Society for the Study of Women’s Health
— The North American Menopause Society

Dr. Evans resides in Loveland, Ohio, and throughout the years, has volunteered for and served on various medical and community organizations and boards.

In her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, boating, swimming, snow skiing and traveling.

To view more information about Dr. Evans or to contact the office for your BHRT appointment, please see Dr. Evans’ profile on the SottoPelle directory: https://www.sottopelletherapy.com/doctors/linda-evans-md/

Please see Dr. Evans’ Website and Social Media:


Dr. Evan’s Office and Contant Information:

Linda Evans, M.D
Premiere Center for Health & Wellness
8261 Cornell Road, Suite 610
Cincinnati, Ohio 45249

Testosterone, Andropause and Men’s Health

Testosterone, Andropause and Men’s Health

A man’s testosterone (T) is his most vital hormone. It impacts everything from muscles, brain and sex drive, to blood, arteries, organs and glands. Take it away and his well-being goes with it. That’s why low testosterone (Low T) can be so devastating.

Andropause: Every man begins a gradual drop in hormone production around age 30. He loses approximately one to two percent a year until sometime between 40 and 50 years of age, his T levels fall sharply and signify the beginning of andropause. By age 50, most men have lost over half of their T, which can have a major impact on their health. Lifestyle changes alone aren’t sufficient to address hormonal imbalances. Therefore, it’s important for men to be aware of early symptoms and start checking their hormone levels in their 40’s with a simple blood panel – before Low T strikes.

Symptoms: Fatigue, mood swings, poor mental focus, low stamina, sleep disturbances, memory loss, depression, erectile dysfunction, irritability, decreased sex drive, anxiety, bone loss, high cholesterol, loss of muscle mass, weight gain, belly fat, and decreased sense of well-being. Studies show a link between Low T and cardiovascular risk, insulin resistance, high cholesterol and osteoporosis.

Health Benefits: Enhances energy, well-being, memory, concentration, lean body mass, muscle strength, bone density, metabolism and sexual function. Relieves depression, anxiety and fatigue. Helps maintain a healthy supply of red blood cells, cardiovascular function and a normal lipid profile.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT): There are many different forms of TRT and it’s important to distinguish between the synthetic type found in most traditional hormone replacement therapies (HRT) and natural, plant-based compounds used in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).  Synthetic pills, patches, gels, drops, troches, creams and injections with generic doses often contain harmful chemicals and additives that can pose serious health risks. BHRT uses natural hormones whose molecular structure contains the exact biochemical structure as the human hormone, with no side effects.

The Power of Pellets®: Delivery is key to effective TRT. Studies show that hormone pellets – about the size of a grain of rice and slipped under the skin – provide the most effective delivery system because they are monitored naturally by the body’s own heart rate for 24-7 distribution exactly when needed. This approach can restore the body to its normal physiology. Pellets last on average 5 – 6 months for men.

Dosing: Pellets work best when they are precisely dosed and individualized for each patient’s specific needs. Safe and effective TRT involves: accurate testing and analysis; bioidentical hormones, proper dosage and round the clock delivery to sustain hormone levels. Restoring T to normal, physiologic levels. means customizing the dosage to the individual and monitoring patients on a regular basis.

Beyond Andropause: Parkinson’s & Traumatic Brain Injury: A number of retired NFL players have turned to SottoPelle® for relief from a variety of issues related to brain injuries. New studies show that Low T is related to neurodegenerative conditions such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), concussions, Parkinson’s disease (PD), Alzheimer’s and dementia. Since the sex hormones are also closely related to cognitive and neuromuscular function, positive results are being reported in patients with PD, TBI and PTSD.

SottoPelle® has been diagnosing andropause and treating men with Low T for over 20 years. With founder, Gino Tutera MD, being the inventor of the patented BioCalc® method of pellet dosing, SottoPelle® remains the BHRT global leader. We understand the strain that Low T can put on a man’s energy, drive and quality of life and that your body needs a steady flow of testosterone that it may not always be able to produce by itself. We use only the purest pellets and quality plant-based compounds to deliver the right amount of testosterone your body requires exactly when it needs it. This can keep you going and feeling great! Reclaim your life with SottoPelle® — helping people live longer, stronger and healthier!


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Making the Most of Menopause?

You shudder in horror at the thought of menopause. The sweaty loveless nights, the jeans that don’t fit, you’re ready to pull out your hair!!

We are brought up to believe that after fifty it’s time to slow down and hunker in for old age- this is a myth!!

Fifty is not what it was years ago, and you don’t have to live with these symptoms at any age!!

It’s time to take the first step to change your life today! Find balance and show the world you are taking on Menopause and winning!!

What advice can we share with you about menopause?

Tips for Menopause:

  1. Find a good friend or support group
  2. Find a understanding and supportive doctor
  3. Find balance in your life – mentally, physically and spiritually

Beauty is ageless and going through menopause is uncomfortable and not fun but it does not change who you are as a person. You can age gracefully and be the best you can be at any age.

Need help or have more questions? Call us today!

I just want you back

It’s 4am, I cant sleep.
I remember sleeping in late, but now I can’t even sleep more than a few hours. It’s funny how you take for granted people, things and even yourself.
I stumble to the bathroom and catch sight of myself in the mirror. At first, I’m startled in my sleep deprived state. I think there is someone else there – that’s not me. People once told me I was pretty now they just call me Mam.

I look in the mirror and wonder when I got old.

I have gained some weight in the last year. My mom just passed this fall after a 6 year battle with colon cancer. It’s unfortunate how old we suddenly feel when a parent passes or maybe it just brings our own mortality front and center. Either way, it’s a sad and scary time.  Then a series of life’s unfortunate events and post menopause and my former size 2 self is now 20 pounds heavier. My daughter scoffs when I complain as she is now struggling to lose 50 pounds herself.

It’s all about perspective, each person’s battle is difficult to them. The worst is not feeling healthy with this extra weight – I don’t feel like me. I have some really pretty clothes and I will  be damned if I have to buy more. Who wants to buy clothes because you can’t squeeze into your current ones ?

That’s not fun.

Midlife is filled with not fun moments for both men and women. Most people are suffering from the challenges of getting older and experiencing changes in body and mind. The key is not to change our spirit. I try to look at everything happening with a sense of humor and as a challenge. But, when you lose sight of yourself it becomes harder.

Starving yourself or crazy fad diets are not the answer. I know because I tried it – no luck.

I spent a lot of money to lose water weight and it’s just not a long term or healthy alternative.

Menopause and Andropause make it harder to do things exactly as we have always done them and reap the same results.  Change can be good if you look at as an opportunity to be a better healthier you. You have to start by getting help.  If your experiencing big changes in weight and health, check in with your doctor.

Gaining weight or feeling bad does not have to be the new you.  I found out that part of my menopause experience was suddenly out of whack hormones and thyroid.  A better diet, regular exercise and medication and I’m beginning to feel better. I’m still getting up earlier but I’m just using that time now for good and not evil. I’m not staring in the mirror at 4am examining wrinkles or grey hairs but taking the dog for a walk or writing.

By the way, taking power naps do work when needed. I’m learning that I’m still me – I’m just evolving.

Who knows, I may become a butterfly!!

What is your midlife experience and how are you dealing with it?


Hugging for your Health

Hugging for your Health

We all know that hugs make us happier, but can they really keep you healthy?

As little kids we were told about an apple a day, but can a hug a day really keep the doctor away too?  Recent studies have shown that “hugging protects people who are under stress from the increased risk for colds [that’s] usually associated with stress,” notes study lead author Sheldon Cohen, a professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania. Hugging “is a marker of intimacy and helps generate the feeling that others are there to help in the face of adversity.”


Some experts attribute the stress-reducing, health-related benefits of hugging to the release of oxytocin, often called “the bonding hormone” because it promotes attachment in relationships, including between mothers and their newborn babies. Oxytocin is made primarily in the hypothalamus in the brain, and some of it is released into the bloodstream through the pituitary gland. But some of it remains in the brain, where it influences mood, behavior and physiology. How hugging fits in: “When you’re hugging or cuddling with someone, [he or she is] stimulating pressure receptors under your skin in a way that leads to a cascade of events including an increase in vagal activity, which puts you in a relaxed state,” explains psychologist Tiffany Field, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine. One theory is that stimulation of the vagus nerve triggers an increase in oxytocin levels.”(1)

Science is proving what our mom’s and even common sense has proven throughout our lives, kindness and love has amazing healing properties. When we feel stressed our bodies suffer, but when we feel that reassurance, support and a simply put gesture of love – it thrives.

I have started an experiment where I am hugging people I love at least 30 seconds a day.  It seems silly, but so far, the results are amazing.  I feel very happy doing it and the person I am hugging seems happier. It’s not a scientific study but does it have to be? Just go ahead and hug someone.


(1) https://health.usnews.com/health-news/health-wellness/articles/2016-02-03/the-health-benefits-of-hugging