Michael Zufelt, DO

Dr. Michael Zufelt , DO, Salt Lake City Utah, completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Utah and Brigham Young University, and received his medical degree from Western University in California. Residency was in Chicago Ill. After practicing as an Emergency Specialist in Salt Lake City and Bountiful, Utah, Dr. Zufelt began working with Medical Hair Restoration, to complete the prestigious MHR fellowship in Hair Transplant Surgery. “Training under a certified fellowship program was important to me because of the unequivocal experience and high standards,” says Dr. Zufelt, “A commitment to excellence in hair transplantation fits with my personal philosophy to help each patient by giving them something they can enjoy for the rest of their lives.” Dr. Zufelt has worked with hair restoration for many years and is continuing to refine and excel in hair transplantation techniques. He realized that many of his patients both male and female were using hormone therapy which was also affecting hair growth so researched and found Sotto Pelle which again fits the philosophy of providing the best for his patients. He is not only a provider but a patient and loves the youthfulness that has returned with it.

As a Utah native, Dr. Zufelt enjoys serving his patients and friends in the Salt Lake City, Utah and surrounding areas under the name of Hair Restoration Center of Utah. He continues to provide a world class experience.

For Dr. Zufelt, the most satisfying aspect of being a physician in Utah is seeing his patients return for follow up visits. “Seeing the changes, not only in their energy and vigor, but in the way my patients feel about themselves is deeply gratifying to me.” “It’s just amazing how many aspects of my patient’s lives improve when they can look in the mirror and see a younger self.

Dr. Zufelt is a Fellowship trained diplomate of the ABHRS in Salt Lake City, or in Utah, this means stress-free procedures, and amazing results.

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