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Dr. Brian Marks hails from Cleveland, Ohio. He attended the University of Florida, Ohio State University, and received his BS Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Toledo. He practiced pharmacy for several years, and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a physician.
Dr. Marks attended medical school at Midwestern University in Chicago, Illinois, and continued to work as a Pharmacist during his training.  He completed his Internal Medicine residency at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Cleveland. He made the move to Arizona in 1995 to follow his family, whom relocated here 10 years prior.
He began practicing employed by a large medical organization in Scottsdale in 1996, then opened his private practice in 2001 and remains a solo practitioner.
Today, he calls Scottsdale his home where he resides with his wife, son and two dogs.
In his spare time, he enjoys kayaking, scuba diving, paintball, softball and traveling.
He is an avid fan of all Cleveland teams!

Positions Held
• Dr. Brian Marks DO – dba DESERT
• Health Care Partners, 2015-2016
• Dr. Brian Marks DO – dba MONTEREY
MEDICAL, 2001-2015
• Family Care-Arcadia, 1996-2000
• Locums, Catalina Professional, 1996
• Pharmacist

Doctor Note

How lucky we are to influence our health and well-being!
Imagine the opportunity to adjust our hormones as we begin to age.
SottoPelle Therapy is customized for your needs and aims to provide a better quality of life.
Hormonal changes as we age impact both females and males.
I look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your journey.

Member Since
March 2017
Practice Name
Tutera Medical Inc
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Post Doctoral Education:
1992 – 1995 Mt. Sinai Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio 44106
Internship (Allopathic) and Residency in INTERNAL MEDICINE
(* ranked by US News and World Reports as one of top 40 hospitals in USA)
-Medical Admissions Committee ’93-’95
-Staff Videographer, Editor, and Producer of Medical House staff Video ’94, ’95

1980 – 1983 Undergraduate:
*University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida
-Member of Dorm Council ’80-’81
*Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
-Social Fraternity: Alpha Epsilon Pi
-Accelerated Program: College of Pharmacy
*John Carroll University, University Hts., Ohio

1983 – 1985 Professional Education:
University Of Toledo: College of Pharmacy, Toledo, Ohio
Degree: B.S. Pharmacy
-Member of Academic Admissions Committee ’84, ’85
-Staff Cartoonist: Univ. Of Toledo’s daily newspaper

1988 – 1992 Medical Education:
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Chicago, Illinois
(AKA: Midwestern University)
Degree: Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)
-Member of Academic Admissions Committee ’89 – ’91
-Tutor, Department of Pharmacology ’89 – ’92

Hospital Affiliations

• Midwestern University
Clinical Assistant Professor – Internal
• Arizona Osteopathic Medical Assn.
Past District Delegate
• Humana Quality of Care Team
Past Member
• Aveta – Physician Liaison Medical
Past Member

Professional Memberships


Mt. Sinai Medical Center, OH
• Medical Admissions Committee
• Staff Videographer, Editor and
Producer of Medical House Staff Video
Midwestern University, IL
• Member of Academic Admissions
• Tutor, Department of Pharmacology
University of Florida, FL
• Member of Dorm Council
Ohio State University, OH
• Social Fraternity: Alpha Epsilon Pi
• Accelerated Program: College of

Practice Approach

As you may or may not know, SottoPelle® Therapy was created by Gino Tutera MD, FACOG (a board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist) in 2002, but first discovered this method in 1992 and through his own clinical trials and academic research refined the science behind hormone replacement therapy to create SottoPelle® Therapy. During the beginning years of utilizing pellet therapy, he was furthering his knowledge and understanding of how they work. Most importantly he was working on how to individualize the dose for every person. At that time, there were very few in the United States who knew about pellets and how to use them. The initial way to treat patients was to give everyone the same dose regardless of age, size, weight and issues. SottoPelle® Therapy is an all-natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that specializes in the use of subcutaneous testosterone and estradiol pellets. This method was first used in 1937 in England and Australia. Our mission statement is Safe and Effective. The use of biologically identical, non-synthetic, testosterone and estradiol is safe, and the use of pellets as the delivery method provides is effective. The delivery method of pellets allows for the continual release of the hormone – the key to improving brain and muscle function. Other delivery methods result in sporadic, or a “roller coaster,” effect in the delivery and release of hormones within the body. These methods include pills, patches, injectables, and creams. Literature shows that the use of pellets and all natural testosterone carries less risk compared to synthetic testosterone. SottoPelle® Therapy uses a science based approach to prescribing (dosing) the patient the appropriate amount of testosterone and/or estradiol based on specific factors about the individual and their blood analysis. The typical male has two insertions per year and the typical female has three or four. The pellets are compounded in a compounding pharmacy subject to strict regulations and are prescribed to the patient. This is not sold over the counter.


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