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Michael Augustino, MD, FACOG
Gentle Gynecology & Obstetrics

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Dr. Augustino is a Board certified OB/GYN for 24 years. His current practice is in Pembroke Pines and Weston Florida. He has hospital privileges at Memorial Hospital West. Education at SUNY Buffalo school of medicine and residency training at University of Miami, JMH. Dr. Augustino has spent his entire career in South Florida. His credentials include college graduate Magna Cum Laude, medical school honors society, and chief resident at JMH.

After finishing training Dr. Augustino has served his community as well as medical colleagues. Dr. Augustino lectures to young couples as they prepare for marriage. He has volunteered with the Archdiocese of Miami for over 20 years. Medically, he has served as Chief of his ob/gyn department at Memorial Hospital West for 4 years. Currently he serves as a credentialing officer for a major insurance carrier to assure quality medical care throughout his community. Other community contributions include visiting professor at Barry University School of Nursing and peer review and credentialing with his prior company Sheridan Health Corp.

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February 2010
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Gentle Gynecology & Obstetrics


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