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Richard M. Pearson is a native Tennessean. He completed undergraduate training at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, attended graduate school at Johns Hopkins University, and finished medical school and residency training at the University of Tennessee at Memphis. Dr. Pearson has 40 years experience in hormone and sexual therapy and urology. He is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He is also the Past President of both the Memphis Shelby County Medical Society and the Tennessee Medical Association and a Diplomate of the American Board of Urology. Dr. Pearson is a Founder and the Past President of The Conrad Pearson Clinic.

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During almost fifty years of combined practice, we have been daily honored to hear from patients and their significant others about many deeply private and personal concerns. A common and recurring theme, and a frequent observation, is that these patients are silently suffering from hormonal and sexual problems. Their stories are about the diminished quality of their lives and relationships, about frustration and depression, about loss of energy, vitality, and hope. In an increasingly frantic medical world, in a sea of technology and impersonal corporate encounters, these special individuals hope that someone will engage and devote sufficient time, expertise and energy to revitalize their lives and their relationships. As experienced physicians, we know very well that many significant and important medical concerns are not viewed as “urgent” by either the healthcare provider or the patient. These overarching “important-but-not-urgent” conditions go untreated in a busy lifetime. The patient becomes resigned to the problem and the physician doesn’t press for more information. We are innovative personal care physicians. Our plan is to listen to you. We take your concerns about hormone imbalance, sexual difficulties and general loss of vitality seriously because you take them seriously. We offer genuine solutions for your problems, solutions that are always driven by science, by sound medical thinking and good judgement, and by involving you in a tailored treatment plan.

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Exceed Hormone Specialists is staffed by full time specialists in gynecology and urology. Our physicians offer personalized, office-based, results-oriented therapy. We care for women and men with gynecology and urology concerns with a strong focus on hormone imbalance, hormone replacement therapy, sexual issues and the related loss of vitality. As board-certified specialists in hormone and sexual problems that are so personal, we offer knowledge-based, medically sound solutions for real people. Our approach to hormone problems and quality of life issues is driven by science, based on a comprehensive medical specialty evaluation, and tailored to the unique hormone and sexual concerns of each client. Why the medical focus on hormones, sexuality, wholeness and relationship issues? First because, as you know yourself, it really is a “Big Deal” and it isn’t being addressed on a day-to-day basis by most medical providers! They don’t have the time or the focus. Patient concerns about persistent symptoms such as fatigue, loss of interest, no energy and no vitality are increasingly being pushed aside by government and insurance guidelines. The system pushes doctors to address only the big official problems and to treat the diagnosis, not the person. Because your problem doesn’t have a name, it isn’t considered a disease and it doesn’t get attention. Second, because life without hormones is like life without music, or art, or sports – no rhythm, no zest, no thrill, no inspiration, no drive, no groove! If you’ve been without hormone “music” for awhile, you don’t even know what you’re missing. You think the “silence” is normal and you don’t even know to complain. Here’s how we deal with this big problem – we listen to you. We get your whole story. Then, we examine you. We gently test you. We spend time with you. We give your problems “names” and we treat them! We start the music and we keep it playing. Exceed brings credentialed, experienced physicians to open a door for women and men who suffer from hormone loss, hormone imbalance, perimenopause and menopause concerns, sexual and relationship problems. Ours is a relaxed, private and unhurried office setting. Our commitment is to listen with special understanding, tailor a solution just for you, and give you all the time and support you need to become the vital person you really are. Our goal is not to dramatically save your life – our goal is to save you for your life, to save your lust for life and let you reclaim all that makes life glorious!


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