Female Hormone Therapy Dosing

Female Hormone Therapy Dosing Calculation for Physicians

As female patients become empowered to speak up about their struggles with hormonal issues, physicians are seeking to understand female hormone dosing calculation. For female patients, the struggle to overcome menopause and the symptoms that take over the life they are used to leads them to search out physicians who can help optimize their hormones and get their lives back on track.

Now more than ever physicians understand that need to treat the individual patient and identify their unique medical history and needs. Through training and education, physicians can evaluate the factors that make for successful female hormone dosing calculation. As pioneers in the field, SottoPelle® understands the clinical needs of women who suffer from menopause, and we aim to help physicians individualize female hormone dosing calculations.

Physicians who understand the need for individualized female hormone dosing calculations know their female patients are not looking for a quick fix. These female patients are seeking long-term, reliable relief from hormonal symptoms including weight gain, mood swings, hot flashes, brain fog, and decreased libido.

SottoPelle® BHRT Pellet Training: Female Hormone Therapy Dosing

Physicians who choose to treat their female patients for symptoms of menopause, through the assistance of individualized hormone dosing calculation, are helping to stabilize their patient’s optimal hormone levels for longer periods of time. The steady dose of hormones release through pellet therapy allows female patients freedom from pills, shots, and creams. Individualized hormone dosing calculation ensures that female patients are getting the right hormone dose for their needs.

Bio-identical hormones are the best choice for treating female patients. Subcutaneous estradiol and testosterone pellets allow for a steady delivery of hormones when the patient needs it. Female patients typically experience a decline in the body’s natural ability to produce the hormones they need as they age.

Choosing the appropriate form of pellet therapy for female patients is important to any physician who is treating a patient, and subcutaneous pellets are the superior form of hormone replacement therapy. As a physician, finding the right tools for hormone dosing calculation is imperative for helping female patients.

SottoPelle® Method training empowers physicians to clinically understand bio-identical hormone pellets, the key factors in achieving optimal hormone ranges for female patients and provides the tools and support physicians need for individualized hormone dosing calculations.

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The Best Hormone Dosing Calculation for Female Patients

Physicians understand the importance of finding to the best hormone dosing calculation formula for female patients, because they understand the clinical significance of helping their patients have relief from symptoms through pellet therapy. The best hormone dosing calculation formula for female patients is a formula that evaluates relevant clinical data and allows for individualized dosing!

SottoPelle® provides simplicity for physicians when it comes to hormone dosing calculation. With a proprietary female hormone dosing calculation algorithm, physicians can help female patients achieve optimal hormone levels and reduction in symptoms using one simple tool.

Physicians who are SottoPelle® Certified feel supported in their hormone therapy practices thanks to access to a variety of resources and tools. But the ultimate tool for hormone dosing calculation for female patients is access to Dosaggio™, our multi-patented hormone dosing calculator.

Built on a HIPAA compliant framework, Dosaggio™ allows physicians to calculate a suggested, individualized dose by inputting a minimal set of hormone dosing calculation relevant.  Dosaggio™ was designed for busy physicians. It requires minimal clicks for hormone dosing calculation and is user friendly. Through the combined power of their clinical knowledge and use of Dosaggio™, physicians experience success in treating their female patients.

Dosaggio™ is the best choice for physician hormone dosing calculation for females due to our proprietary algorithm and clinical support. Supporting physicians in their hormone practices and helping to achieve well-being for patients is our mission.

SottoPelle® Hormone
Dosing Calculation for Female Patients

The proprietary hormone dosing calculation formula in Dosaggio™ is paired with other benefits to support physicians in their hormone therapy practices.

These benefits include:

  • Patient consultation with SottoPelle® trained physicians within the application
  • General medical question support from SottoPelle® trained physicians
  • Library of research articles
  • Storage of hormone specific patient information for females:
    • Hormone Labs
    • Insertion History

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