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The typical American family generally revolves around a hectic schedule of work, school, extra-curricular activities, meals on the run and very little time to bond. Why not change the pace for a week? Instead, drop the frenzy, kick back and make this Spring Break a family-centered time. It’s not too late to plan something extra special for you and your family. Whether you are arranging a staycation or a getaway, there are plenty of ways to chill out and help you and your kids reconnect.

Ideas for a Fun Spring Break

1) Fun in the Sun

Spring Break at home can be just as entertaining as a getaway. Inviting spring weather can make this a great time to get outside with your kids. Hiking, mountain biking, rollerblading, horseback riding, canoeing or even fishing are all great springtime activities. Maybe your kids have never tried one of these before. If not, what a great time to learn something new together. Most cities and surrounding areas have different kinds of outdoor recreation to offer. Have your kids help do the homework and make the plans. They’ll love being part of something they have a voice in and the burden of planning won’t be all on the parents’ shoulders.

2) Movie Marathon

If you live in cold country or are experiencing a streak of nasty weather, here’s an indoor activity that can be great fun for the whole family. Have them pick a theme and choose their own movies. Let them make the pizzas and popcorn (and help clean up!). Maybe even make it a pajama party with sleeping bags on the floor and no curfew.

3) Weekend Away

When work has you tied up during Spring Break week, make room for a 3 or 4-day weekend away instead. There are plenty of last minute air, hotel and cruise deals to be had. Check out the family bargains at https://www.groupon.com/occasion/ga-family-getaways , www.cheapoair.com and other discount websites. These days many hotels and resorts let the kids stay for free or offer ‘all-inclusive’ pricing that includes meals and other amenities. Make sure the activities include both family time and relaxation for mom and dad.

4) Road Trip

Depending on which part of the country you live in, your ski vacation or warm weather getaway is probably just a few hours away. Here’s another chance for your kids to learn to ski, golf, fish or enjoy some new activity, making your getaway even more fun and memorable. You also might consider renting an RV, camper or tent to turn Spring Break 2016 into a real family adventure.

One last word of advice: relax! Most women who have teenagers are on the fringe of perimenopause and hormonal imbalance. When you are under stress, you tend to deplete hormones more quickly and weaken your immune system. The last thing you need is to do is exhaust yourself trying to create the perfect experience for your family. Chill out! Inviting your family to take part in the planning and execution will help make this a fun time for everyone.