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Transgender Treatment

Dr. Tutera was treating transgenders with pellet therapy in the mid 1990’s. Many are now looking for this natural approach.

The Transgender Patient

A transgender person has often faced a long struggle to reconcile their inner identity with their outer body. Facing so many challenges and decisions, it is important to understand the pros and cons of various hormone replacement therapies (HRT). Our patients are transgender individuals who require HRT during and after transition. This therapy provides the required hormones for the transition and aligning the patient’s sexual characteristics with their gender identity. BHRT is given whether the goal of treatment is feminization or masculinization: BHRT can be used for male-to-female and female-to- male transition. Many patients want a natural therapeutic solution that is administered by physicians and based in science. Dealing with daily pills, gels, patches and other types of HRT are not practical and do not promote quality in their new identity and life. Our approach is safer, more natural, much simpler and effective. We monitor any potential health risks closely and work in tandem with other participating physicians.

The Challenge

There are many choices when it comes to hormone replacement methods. The challenge is finding one that will make your transition easier and also can maintain hormonal balance for a lifetime. There needs to be continuous and ongoing low dosage of hormone delivered as the body requires it. Release of testosterone and/or estradiol directly into the blood-stream, bypassing the gastrointestinal system and liver is preferred. Find a choice that is consistently proven more effective than oral, injected, or topical methods with regard to sexual function, mood and cognitive function, metabolic function, bone density, urinary, prostate and vaginal problems, lipid profiles, breast health and hormone ratios. You want a solution that has long lasting results with low daily maintenance.

The Solution

SottoPelle® uses the most reliable delivery system available—pellet implants. Our proprietary personalized dosing system is based in science, not guesswork. This enables SottoPelle® physicians to precisely determine the proper low dosage of bioidenticals for you as a transgender individual. We use a time proven insertion method to assure a consistent steady delivery of testosterone and/or estradiol, 24/7. We’ve been doing this a lot longer than most, with 25+ years of experience, we understand exactly what it takes to create a healthy state of balance and well-being for you. Remember, not all hormone or pellet therapies are alike or work well. It takes consistent hormonal balance to sustain a healthy body and support your health as you transition and thereafter.

The Results

You will be taking these hormones for the rest of your life. The SottoPelle® natural method allows delivery of the proper amount of hormone slowly into the blood stream around the clock. We use the highest available quality of BHRT pellets. The quality, dosing, and insertion methods directly correspond to the length of time the implants are effective. Once your pellets are inserted, it can take up to two weeks to start feeling any difference. Remember everyone has a different experience. The hormones will be released as your body needs them -naturally. You will be regularly monitored and although every patient has different results – the pellets often last on average 3-6 months. Patients are treated in a respectful, non-judgmental atmosphere by caring providers who are compassionate and competent.

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Annette Wyatt

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Shannon Sukung

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Pat Fleischmann

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Patient Testimonials

“I would definitely recommend SottoPelle® too other transgirls in my situation. I have a horrible phobia of needles. Despite this I was doing self-administered intramuscular injections into my leg every week for almost 2 years. Which for me was pretty much agony. Then a friend of mine who has lived in the area a while told me about SottoPelle. Going in a few times a year for implants as opposed to needing to keep up with -painful weekly injections is kind of a no brainer for me. Pellets also seem to have leveled the “emotional roller-coaster” that is typically associated with being on hormones for me immensely. Aside from going in 2 or 3 times a year for another round of “pellets”, and writing this testimony I hardly ever even think about being on hormones anymore. Which is exactly what I wanted. Lastly, these people are all extremely trans friendly. Every single person, I have encountered there has been outstanding, and totally 100% accommodating.”

RS 2016

“I am so happy to have found SottoPelle® therapy. The treatment is easy and simple. I don’t have to worry about everyday maintenance like I would with shots or other methods. This hormone therapy is an important part of my journey; allowing me to life my live to its fullest. My self-esteem has increase and my anxiety and depression have decreased. I love the providers and staff at SottoPelle®. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.”

Paige B. 2016

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