Pellet relief for Every

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) pellets replicate what the human ovaries and testicles did when you were younger – delivering the same steady, 24/7, low dosages of hormones that the body once created.




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Five reasons why SottoPelle®

Dosages formulated
specific to your body

Creams, pills and patches all deliver wildly inconsistent amounts of hormones, unnaturally released into the body that does not mimic how the body naturally delivers hormones. Pellet delivery system is consistent and ongoing as the body requires it. Pellets remain the only delivery system that provides steady blood serum levels over time.

Safe, effective, in-office
delivery method

Once inserted, a steady, low dose of natural hormone flows directly into the blood stream whenever the body needs it. This gives the body the ability to control the release of the hormone just as it did when the ovaries and testicles were working normally. Our dosing calculator, Dosaggio™ works with the provider for the hormones dosages calculated specially to your body’s needs.

Promotes and preserves
bone density

Fluctuating levels of estrogen and testosterone decrease bone strength and increase the chance of fractures. Women who undergo premature surgical menopause also remain at greater risk of developing osteoporosis, making it critical to check their hormone levels. Pellet therapy has a 4x greater increase in bone density than oral estrogen and 2.5x greater increase than patch delivery methods.

Improves sexual function

Estrogen deficiency can result in vaginal pain and dryness, uncomfortable sex, and even urinary incontinence in women. Low testosterone in men can lead to sexual performance problems including erectile dysfunction or “ED”. BHRT pellets help to restore youthful hormone levels to alleviate these problems and improve sexual function and enjoyment in both women and men.

Protects against disease

Hormone decline is associated with many life threatening illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, and more. Maintaining proper hormone levels with BHRT Pellets can help prevent disease and maintain youthful vitality, health and energy.

What is your hormone

Feeling great has
never been so easy.

You’re an original and unique. Our pellet therapy method is tailored to each patient’s precise and individual needs. We use safe state of the art technology to provide you with personalized patient treatment and care. SottoPelle® helps you reconnect with the best you can be at any age.