Hormone Therapy Dosing
for Physicians

Dosaggio™ is the original, and only multi-patented, hormone therapy pellet dosing platform for physicians and medical providers implementing Dr. Tutera’s proprietary SottoPelle® dosage method.

The Dosaggio™ system has been voted “Easiest HRT Dosing Platform.” It offers physicians and medical providers a convenient online dosing calculator that provides instant access to dosage calculation with fewer clicks, and without the need for inconvenient dosing appointments.

SottoPelle® certified hormone therapy pellet providers have access to a proven, multi-patented, HRT dosing method that is faster, easier and doses individually and conservatively – for the best patient outcomes while minimizing the likelihood of side effects.

Dosaggio™ HRT Dosing Calculator

Benefits of Dosaggio™
Hormone Therapy Dosing

 Affordable Flat Monthly Pricing

 Voted Easiest Pellet Dosing Platform

 The Original & Patented Pellet Dosing Site

 No Appointment Needed to Dose

 Fewer Clicks to Get to a Dosage

 Easy Online Calculator

 Extensive Online Knowledge Base

Hormone Therapy Dosing

Easier to to use than others available

No clumsy apppointments mandated to dose

Fewer clicks to get a dose

Follow Dr. Tutera’s individual dosing methods

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