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Men’s Hormone Replacement: Testosterone Treatment for “Low T”

More men are realizing the importance of testosterone in their system. Decreased levels of testosterone – “Low T” – can cause muscle loss, fat gain, erectile dysfunction (ED), thinning hair, decreased sex drive, and more – as well as increase the risk of life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease.

Could you benefit from hormone replacement therapy?

Men’s Hormone Replacement (HRT) for Low Testosterone and Optimal Health

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. It is what makes a man, a man. It helps males develop larger muscles, grow facial and body hair, and have deep voices. Testosterone also fuels the libido, helps to produce sperm, and contributes to firm and long-lasting erections. But, as a man ages testosterone levels decline. This condition – often called “Low T” – can lead to erectile disfunction, low sex drive, thinning hair, and other problems that impact a man’s quality of life.

Testosterone also directly affects bone density, metabolism of salts, maintains fluid balance, regulates red blood cells, cholesterol profiles, and manages different functions of the brain including energy levels, moods, and cognitive functions. It is what keeps you feeling young and vital.

The good news is that men’s hormone replacement therapy (HRT) naturally restores the correct amount and balance of a man’s hormones. Hormone replacement therapy can restore men’s quality of life by eliminating the frustrating sexual symptoms and body changes of “Low T”. Even better, hormone replacement therapy can reduce a man’s risk of developing life threatening illnesses such heart disease, diabetes, and more.

What is “Andropause”? And How HRT Can Help!

Testosterone is classified as a steroid hormone in the Androgen group. The decline of testosterone is known as Andropause, and is sometimes referred to “Male Menopause” or “Low T”. Beginning at 30, a man’s body makes less and less testosterone and around 40-55 the levels drop dramatically.

The most common complaint associated with “Low T” is low sex drive (libido). Any man experiencing erectile dysfunction (“ED”) should get his testosterone level checked. The decline in testosterone can also make it more difficult to conceive a child.

Men may also start to have signs and symptoms of low testosterone levels such as lower energy, decreased muscle mass and bone density, and anemia. Low testosterone levels have also been associated with increased cardiovascular risk, mortality and increases in bad cholesterol.

However, SottoPelle® hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can restore a man’s testosterone levels with a single treatment that lasts up to six months – and requires no daily pills, no weekly injections, no conspicuous patches, and no messy creams.

Why Use Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Pellets?

Conventional or traditional men’s hormone treatments are administered by pills, injections or rubbing gels onto the body. Typically, these treatments use synthetic hormones that are not real hormones, but rather imperfect, lab-created imitations of the body’s hormones. However, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement pellets use only 100% natural hormones from plant-derived sources that are identical in molecular structure to the body’s hormones.

There can be many side effects from using synthetic hormones, and they can end up creating as many symptoms as they relieve. Additionally, the “one size fits all” solution of synthetic hormones from big pharmaceutical companies does not adjust the ratios of hormones for individual patients. And, shots, pills and creams are not a natural delivery method into the body for hormones.

However, bioidentical hormones are identical to the body’s own hormones, so they are much more effective and safer – without many of the side-effects of lab-created hormones. And, the unique pellet delivery system time-releases the hormones sub-dermally – just like the body does – for constant and consistent hormone levels.

Millions of men are suffering from hormone loss and “Low T” and unsuccessfully trying pharmaceutical drugs to regain their sex drive and clear up their brain fog – without realizing that bio-identical hormones are even an option! But bio-identical hormones have been studied extensively and safely used since 1935, without the negative side effects that synthetics have been known to produce.

Symptoms of “Low T” That
Hormone Replacement Can Help

Brain Fog

Decreased Muscle Mass Anxiety

Dry Skin

Low Sexual Desire/Erectile Dysfunction


HeadachesDepression Fatigue / Low Energy

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