Transgender Hormone Therapy Training for Physicians

SottoPelle® Method hormone therapy training has enabled physicians worldwide to help transgender patients live their authentic lives with pellet therapy since the 1990’s. Bio-identical hormone therapy pellets naturally, safely and effectively provide consistent delivery of the hormones required for gender transition, aligning the patient’s sexual characteristics with their gender identity.

Because hormone therapy is a lifetime commitment for transgender individuals, patients require a natural therapeutic solution, that is safe, effective and convenient for long-term use – without dangerous side effects or frustrating hormonal fluctuations. So, as a physician treating transgender patients, it is important to understand the pros and cons of the various different hormone replacement therapies.

The SottoPelle® method uses the most reliable hormone delivery system available – long-lasting, time released pellet implants. Our proprietary personalized dosing system is based in science, not guesswork. This enables SottoPelle® physicians to precisely determine the proper low dosage of bioidentical hormones for each individual transgender man or woman. And the SottoPelle® Method time-proven insertion method ensures consistent and steady delivery of testosterone and/or estradiol, 24/7.

SottoPelle® BHRT Pellet Training: Transgender Hormone Therapy

As a physician, finding the right tools for hormone dosing calculation is critical. SottoPelle® transgender hormone therapy training offers peace of mind by instructing physicians on the key factors involved in achieving optimal hormone ranges, while also providing the tools needed for individualized physician hormone dosing calculation.

Bio-identical hormones are the best choice when it comes to treating transgender patients. The SottoPelle® bioidentical hormone method is effective whether the goal of hormone treatment is feminization (male-to-female) or or masculinization (female-to-male).

For transgender hormone therapy to be the most successful it should deliver continuous and ongoing low dosage of hormone delivered as the body requires it. Pellets do just that – and have consistently been proven to be more effective than oral, injected, or topical methods.  Pellets also release testosterone and/or estradiol directly into the blood-stream, bypassing the gastrointestinal system and liver.

The SottoPelle® bioidentical hormone replacement method offers transgender patients a solution that has long lasting results, with no daily maintenance, and no dangerous side-effects from long-term use. Physicians who undergo SottoPelle® Method transgender hormone therapy training have the hormone dosing calculation tools and resources to properly calculate testosterone hormone dosages and insert pellets to help their transgender patients align their sexual characteristics with their gender identity.

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The Best Hormone Dosing Calculation for Transgender Patients

The SottoPelle® Method takes the guesswork out of hormone dosing calculation for physicians treating transgender patients. Through a proprietary hormone dosing calculation algorithm, physicians have the tool they need to help their transgender patients achieve optimal hormone levels to align their sexual characteristics with their identity.

Physicians who are SottoPelle® Certified have access to many resources to help their transgender  hormone therapy practice. But the ultimate tool for hormone dosing calculation for male patients is access to our multi-patented hormone dosing calculator, Dosaggio™.

Dosaggio™ is a secure application built on a HIPAA compliant framework that allows physicians to input a minimal set of hormone dosing calculation relevant information and receive a suggested, individualized dose.  Dosaggio™ is easy-to-use and designed for minimal clicks for hormone dosing calculation. Physicians can utilize the power of Dosaggio™ alongside their clinical knowledge to evaluate and treat their male patients.

Dosaggio™ is the best choice for physician hormone dosing calculation due to our proprietary algorithm and on-screen clinical guidance. Supporting physicians in their hormone practices and helping to achieve well-being for patients is our mission.

SottoPelle® Transgender Hormone
Therapy Training for Physicians

  • Pellets provide consistent, continuous hormone delivery
  • Low dose, individualized dosing is safer for long-term use
  • Feminization & masculinization hormone therapy training
  • More effective than oral, injected, or topical methods
  • Ongoing support from SottoPelle® trained physicians
  • Extensive knowledge base of transgender research articles
  • Proprietary Dosaggio™ dosing calculator offers precision dosing
Transgender Hormone Therapy Training

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