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“I am 76 years old and most people think I am in my fifties. I started my bio-identical hormone replacement approximately thirty years ago. My skin, body shape, and mental attitude are much younger than my actual age. I will never stop my pellets for bioidentical hormone replacement and would never go to another facility. SottoPelle is the original source and are the experts.”


“I have been a client of SottoPelle for over 9 years and I would never stop getting my hormones under any circumstances. SottoPelle and Dr. Tutera along with his technology regarding the endocrine system and the need to keep all of our hormones in check is literally a life-saver. I feel so much better when I get a fresh batch, my body feels better, my brain comes back to life and I have energy again.”

Laura C.

My husband was on [another brand] when we had untied my tubes and our doctor spoke about never having children again. I went searching I heard of the SottoPelle he changed after taking a 4 month break we did one round of SottoPelle and his swimmers are back! Girls! Thank God, God is good! Have a missed period so. Not sure yet, but at least we ne have hope, after years of wonder!

Wither M.

The approach that the late Dr. Tutera developed has made my post-menopausal life so much better, I now get quality sleep and it has greatly reduced my brain fog that came on in my mid-40s. In addition, my skin feels better and my weight has been stable for over a decade because I have the mental and physical energy to keep moving. As a long-time nurse and now nurse practitioner, I have researched the flawed study in 2002 by the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) estrogen-progestin trial, which had initially made my decision to pursue HRT rather difficult. Since then many evidence based findings and medical journals have found that HRT can be of benefit to women suffering from peri menopause and menopausal symptoms and may provide long-term benefits. If you are having hot flashes, tired all the time, cranky, and have no sex drive-try Dr. Tutera’s bioidentical HRT…it changed my life and I am glad I found this wonderful clinic.”

Terry W.

I think I’ve been with SottoPelle for about 10 years now, and I wouldn’t want to do my life without it. I love the “team” and really love the medical care. I consider my pellets a necessity and have recommended you to many. I might miss a dental appointment but never my SottoPelle!!! Thanks to you all…and my family thanks you, too!

Chaparral P.

“This treatment is Life Changing! Overall improvements in my mood, my weight, clarity of mind and NO MORE hot flashers ever! … I have never once had a bad experience or uncomfortable side effect. … SottoPelle gave me my life back! I tell people I am forever 35 years old.”

Bonnie M.

“I’ve been receiving HRT hormone implants with Sotto Pellets for several years. This natural therapy has been helping me a lot in improving my quality of life. The doctors are knowledgeable and compassionate. The staffs are so professional and kind. Clinic is very clean, organized, and relaxing. Very happy and satisfied with their services.”

Enso G.

“I love this hormone replacement therapy. All the doctors I have seen were great and they monitor all your hormone levels and adjust them appropriately, unlike traditional medicine where they just up your dosage until you are asymptomatic. No pills, no creams, and no patches. Try it! I’m glad I did.”

Tina R.

“My experience with SottoPelle is like a miracle to me I did not think I would ever feel like a young woman again. Until a friend of mine told me about this this called a pellet I had no idea what it was all about. Well I thought I could feel any worse so why not try it. Now I am the one talking about it I tell everyone how it has 100% helped me feel amazing again. I will and have recommended this to everyone I talk to!”

Lisa K.

“Love the way SottoPelle has changed my life, I no longer have migraines, I have more energy and my sex drive….well lets just say my husband is a very happy man! I have had the pleasure of using SottoPelle for a few years now, and it is the best thing in the world!!! I have recommended it to all my friends.”

Sandra C.

The Pellets have changed my life. At 50, I thought my life was over! The pellets have helped me feel 28 again!

Shannon S.

This hormonal therapy has been a regular part of my preventive therapies for over 10 years. I strongly recommend it. For energy, libido and my dyslexia it is very helpful.

Patricia B.

SottoPelle is the best! There are other places that promise the same results, however they don’t! There is a difference…. If you want to feel the best use the best!

Terri R.