Why SottoPelle® is the Best Physician Hormone Therapy Training Method

Choosing the best physician hormone therapy training method can be overwhelming for physicians who are looking to expand services within their practice. As the industry sees an expansion in training options, it is important to make a choice that is most beneficial to your patients and their needs. There are many considerations when choosing the best physician hormone training method. It’s important for physicians to research the companies they are considering working with to make the most informed choice. The best physician hormone therapy training method is once that has a strong focus on patient results and clinical education.

SottoPelle® believes in the power of clinical education to help patients get the results they deserve from bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Physician hormone training methodology should have one goal in mind: to help patients restore their quality of life and well-being.

Joining the SottoPelle® network of physicians is about more than increasing practice revenue and offerings. It allows physicians to expand their clinical skill set and serve their patients better than they ever have before. The SottoPelle® Physician Hormone Training Method is the best option for providers who are seeking a hormone training that allows them to truly understand their patients’ hormonal struggles and treat the cause – not just the symptoms.

The SottoPelle® Physician Hormone Therapy Training Method empowers physicians to successfully treat patients who suffer from menopause or andropause symptoms. Our physician hormone training method is the best option, as it aims to truly excite physicians about the power of pellet therapy, arm them with the best clinical practices and knowledge available and provide patient satisfaction.

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SottoPelle® Physician Hormone Therapy Training covers many key clinical topics and requisites. But one thing that makes it stand out is the emphasis on subcutaneous hormone pellet therapy as the superior form of hormone replacement therapy.

Physician hormone training programs should be placing an emphasis on pellet therapy and its numerous benefits. As many physicians begin seeing patients who are on the hormonal roller coaster from inaccurate and inconsistent dosing from pills, patches, and creams, they are searching for hormone training education services to help their patients.

A key component of physician hormone training is understanding the benefits associated with treating patients with pellet therapy. Pellet therapy is a superior form of hormone therapy as it mimics the body’s natural production and function. Pellet therapy frees patients from missed doses, unreliable methods of secretion, and daily reminders to take medication. While these benefits are undeniable, pellet therapy is most beneficial to patients because it allows for the continuous release of hormone at the time the body demands. As a leader in physician hormone training,

SottoPelle® understands that subcutaneous hormone pellets are the correct way to treat patients. And we are educating providers all over the nation on the reasons why. Patients deserve solutions that are bio-identical to their own bodies and the natural hormone secretion process. Hormone pellets are derived from natural ingredients and bio-identical to the patients own hormone production. This makes pellet therapy a safer, natural form of hormone replacement therapy. By signing up for SottoPelle® Physician Hormone Training, physicians can learn to understand and utilize the power of the pellet.

Other Benefits of SottoPelle® Hormone

SottoPelle® understands that physician support extends beyond initial training. SottoPelle® Membership includes many benefits for physicians to enable continued education and success in their pellet therapy practice. SottoPelle® Membership includes access to our membership portal, dosing calculator, a listing in our physician directory, and ongoing office staff training and support.

Certified Provider Directory Listing

Patients trust SottoPelle® when it comes to physician recommendations. For this reason, we have created a “Find a Provider” directory tool for patients to use to find physicians near them.

This directory listing is built for the physician after training is completed and aims to help patients to locate SottoPelle® providers , as well as understand more about the physician and their practice.

A physician directory listing on our website helps physicians gain exposure to patients seeking pellet therapy in their area.

A SottoPelle® Sales Coordinator will assist with the initial set up of the directory listing – and physicians & staff will be able to edit their directory listing within our Membership Portal.

Dosaggio™ Hormone Dosing Calculator

It is critical that physicians have a resource to utilize for individualized hormone therapy dosing. With this goal in mind,  the Dosaggio™ hormone dosing application came to fruition.

Dosaggio™ is a dosing calculator built on a HIPAA compliant framework that allows physicians to enter a minimal set of patient information to calculate an individualized dose for the patient. Dosaggio™ is a tool that can elevate pellet management for physicians and help to achieve successful patient outcomes.

Dosaggio™ is also an outlet for continued support from our SottoPelle® Certified Training Providers. Within the application, physicians can submit patient consults and general medical questions.

Office Staff Education & Support

SottoPelle® understands physician and staff support is the key to a successful pellet therapy practice! After the physician completes training, their Sales Coordinator will arrange for front-office & back-office training for the physician’s staff.

Successfully education of staff on best practices for scheduling, frequently asked questions, required patient forms, lab work, and after care is an important component of getting a pellet therapy practice up and running. SottoPelle® can take this workload off physicians and set their staff up for success.

SottoPelle® also offers staff training online via our membership portal, as well as staff access to forms, guides and management of their physician’s directory listing.

SottoPelle® Membership Portal

Upon completion of our hormone therapy training program, the physician’s account in our membership portal will be upgraded, allowing access to many resources aimed at improving practice success & patient outcomes, including:

• Continuing Education Courses

• Optional Paid Transgender Training

• Office Forms for Male & Female Patients

• Clinical Reference Guides & Office Manuals

• Research Articles | Marketing Materials

• Exclusive Partnership Access

• eCommerce Store & Supply Discounts

• Directory Listing Management

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