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The Pioneer In The Field Of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement

Dr. Gino Tutera

Gino Tutera MD, FACOG
SottoPelle® Founder

Dr. Gino Tutera was internationally recognized as the pioneer and leader in the field of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. For more than 40 years, he was a board certified OB/GYN who early in his career specialized in PMS, Menopause and other hormone imbalance issues. Dr. Tutera opened his first PMS clinic in 1982, devoting it solely to hormone

After years of performing his own research, testing and analysis, he pioneered SottoPelle®, a remarkable method of natural hormone therapy based on his proprietary bio-identical pellet hormone delivery system. At SottoPelle®, we do more than simply balance your hormones. We help you achieve a level of well-being you haven’t felt in ages. Our philosophy mirrors what many research studies now bear out—that health and healing are inextricably entwined in the mind, body and spirit connection. Proper nutrition, staying active mentally and physically, and maintaining.

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In 2004, Dr. Tutera founded the first SottoPelle® Center for Hormonal Balance & Well-Being to help transform the way we age. To date, he treated thousands of patients who told him that SottoPelle® gave them back what they thought they had lost forever—their quality of life. Many find the benefits of this therapy simply astounding. Loving relationships are all key to your total health. Hope, optimism, positivity and faith also play a vital role in healing.

Gino Tutera Founder

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We Call It Healing From The Inside Out.

It is our mission at SottoPelle® to help you live the best life possible as you age. We now provide a variety of resources to support your physical, mental and spiritual growth. Everything from informative literature to our growing line of nutritional supplements, called Bolster Beauty by SottoPelle®

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