What Other Providers Say

In my nearly 30 years of practice, nothing has come close to revolutionizing how I clinically approach hormonal replacement therapy. What I have learned from Dr. Gino Tutera has transformed how I practice medicine. It’s a home run.

Ian Levenson, D.O., F.A.C.O.F.P.
Colorado Center for Health & Longevity

I love the dosing application, Dosaggio it is Amazing. Perfect! You listened to the Providers in the development of this application. Very easy to use and versatile, A+

Thank you.
John Labban, M.D.
John Labban, MD, PC – Women’s Health

The Dosaggio website is easy to use and gives instant dosing information allowing for quick turn around from initial consultation to insertion. Highly recommend this platform.

Edmund Lew, M.D.
Lew Medical

Dr. Gino Tutera, the founder of SottoPelle®, is the most academically and technically trained physician in the field of bio-identical hormone implants in the country. I can proudly say the training I was given, both didactic and surgical, was of the highest professional standard. When I tell patients asking about bio-identical HRT that I am a SottoPelle-trained physician, it adds to my credibility. It also enhances the spread of your patient base, both by word of mouth and by affiliation with a nationally-recognized institution in the field. – Another benefit to joining SottoPelle® is the technical and professional support that goes along with becoming a part of the organization. Someone is always available to answer any questions you may have. – I would strongly advise anyone thinking of administering bio-identical HRT to become SottoPelle trained.

James E. Gracheck, D.O.

I have researched the use of hormone pellet therapy for several months and everyone I spoke to nationwide led me back to Dr. Tutera who is the pioneer in the field of bio-identical hormone replacement and founder of the “SottoPelle®” (Italian for “under the skin”) pellet therapy. Not only was I honored to learn from him but thoroughly impressed upon the knowledge he possesses in regards to women’s health and hormone replacement! We had long discussions… on the untold benefits of SottoPelle® and I am overwhelmingly convinced enough to partner with him, bringing SottoPelle® to the forefront of hormone therapy in Kansas City at Mirabile, M.D. Beauty, Health & Wellness!

Dr. Mirabile, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
Mirabile, MD Beauty, Health & Wellness

I am very happy with the new dosing site! My staff is able to input information and then I can log in to complete the prescribing.  We all like the fact that more detailed clinical information is collected to determine the dose. So simple to use! Thank you for listening to our feedback.

To Health & Wellness…
Leita J. Harris, M.D. Gynecologist
Nurturing You Women’s Health & Wellness, Inc.

Approximately six years ago, my wife was suffering extreme fatigue, poor sleep quality and mood swings. She was tested for a number of medical conditions with all her results coming back as normal. Her OB/GYN suggested synthetic hormone replacement to help her but it did not work. In fact, it affected her negatively. She continued her research and came upon Dr. Gino Tutera and SottoPelle® in Arizona. She flew to Arizona and the rest is history. My wife has her energy and life back. In fact, my children have said, “Mom is back!”

As CEO of a large health system in New Jersey, women’s health programs have always been an integral part of the services we offer. I was so impressed with Dr. Tutera’s research and work with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that it’s now here at Virtua where hundreds of women are being helped… Dr. Tutera has given women a rebirth of life with his novel approach to hormone replacement therapy.

Richard P. Miller
President and CEO, Virtua Hospital

As a practicing urologist I have provided hormone replacement therapy for both women and men for over 35 years. After spending only a few hours hands-on with Dr. Tutera, I am convinced that his treatment technique and research based philosophy is the single best approach to optimizing hormone balance in these grateful patients. – Throughout the training process Dr. Tutera’s clinical experience, authoritative understanding, and passion for excellence add up to a superb educational experience. His personal treatment combines the rigor of research and medical science with the best art of a master clinician. – Every aspect of the patient’s history, exam, and unique presentation is considered in the treatment planning and web-based software. Because the treatment is tailored to each individual both the physician and the patient can have great confidence in a superior result.

Richard Pearson, MD