Whew! Anyone else feeling the heat? That would be the warm summer season right around the corner. For many states, such as in the southwest, summer seems to have already arrived.
The majority of us live in towns and cities that get hot knowing the impact of hyperthermia on your health can help you avoid these heat-related illnesses:

  • Dehydration– the loss of fluids as your body tries to cool itself.
  • Heat cramps – muscle cramps from heavy exertion in the heat.
  • Heat exhaustion– a mild form of shock that includes heavy sweating, weakness, a weak pulse, and clammy skin, fainting and vomiting, according weather.com. Blood flow to the skin increases in an attempt to cool the body, drawing blood away from vital organs.
  • Heat stroke – Weather.com says this sometimes fatal illness is “Marked by a very high body temperature (105 degrees or above) as well as hot, red, dry skin; rapid, weak pulse and rapid, shallow breathing. The victim probably will not be sweating unless the sweating is from recent strenuous activity. The victim also may be unconscious.
  • Excess water retention due to higher levels of estrogen. Pregnant women, women who are near ovulation, women taking oral contraceptives and post-menopausal women taking hormone replacements typically have higher levels of estrogen. Retaining water can inhibit your body’s efforts to cool itself by sweating so it is even more important for these women to stay hydrated, especially during exercise or other physical exertion.

With summer in the air, take necessary precautions such as always having water and other fluids with you in your car, drinking lots of fluids, especially if you do have to be outside in the heat, and if possible, staying in shady areas and out of direct sun.

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