CarolAnn Tutera and SottoPelle’s Success

CarolAnn Tutera is the face, owner and CEO of SottoPelle® an international medical company with numerous affiliated physicians/medical practices across the globe. Under CarolAnn’s management SottoPelle® is helping thousands of patients every day with hormonal imbalance issues.

SottoPelle® was founded searching for answers to questions that impact everyone; how can we “Age Well and Be Healthier?” CarolAnn shared in her late husband’s, Dr. Gino Tutera’s, vision and drive. Their focus has always been on healing
and quality of life with a holistic and scientifically based methodology.

The brand’s mission is providing a medically based, safe, and effective Bio Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) to age well and have healthier, happier lives. “We are technology driven to support the most human aspects of patients’ lives. SottoPelle’s reputation is for its specialized services and a comprehensive approach to the patient’s entire health status, not just one symptom. “Many people think that BHRT is just for menopause but there are many other beneficial uses of the therapy,” stated CarolAnn. “We provide a concierge atmosphere and approach that reaffirms to patients that they matter. These types of services and amenities have been so outstanding that it has attracted attention from notable celebrities, athletes, and anyone seeking a true medical partner in health management.”

CarolAnn notes that “SottoPelle® has become so much more than a career or business; for our team it is a way of life.” She is very proud of the many successes that happen every day when a patient can resume their normal life activities. For some, it is after many years of feeling crippled by menopause, andropause, or other hormonal imbalance; or those impacted with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), athletes, veterans, or those terribly injured, who then see a dramatic improvement in their quality of life with SottoPelle®, it is hard to not be humbled by their strength and courage…and positive outcomes. Many might call this a highlight to a career, we call it an honor.

SottoPelle’s devotion and dedication to the community has been very consistent, ongoing, and unwavering. CarolAnn has been instrumental in creating partnerships with many charities such as: NFL HOF Players Foundation, Baehr Challenge, TankChair, and many local and national charity events and fundraisers.

2017 is bringing the most recent and exciting evolution of our technology and services for both patients and physicians. We are excited to be on the forefront of our newest technology and infrastructure that is evolving the integrated approach with which doctors treat SottoPelle® patients. Patients trust SottoPelle® for BHRT, and we are working very hard every day to maintain that respected position. We are allocating many resources to growing and supporting our best assets – our physicians and patients.

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This article was originally published in So Scottsdale! Magazine.