When it comes to aging, most people know about menopause in women. Yet, many have never heard of andropause in men. Andropause is the phase men go through when there is a decrease in the production of testosterone. During this time, men experience bodily changes similar to what women experience. Sex drive is one of the first noted complaints, as well as fatigue, depression, weight changes and general health begins to decline. Illness like heart disease and brittle bones are also signs of andropause in men. 

Male athletes that have worked hard to keep their bodies in shape often find that during andropause, using bio identical hormone therapy can help to prevent medical issues associated with aging 

 For male athletes that want to increase their testosterone levels naturally, the best line of defense is, and always has been, through a committed exercise program. Exercise, especially when maintained actively can increase testosterone and help men to continue building strength to help with aging bones and muscles naturally.  

An issue that many men facing andropause have included in their battle against aging has been incorporating the use of steroid drugs and synthetics into their system. Not only are these drugs dangerous, but over time they effectively tend to break down the composition of muscles, thus reducing the strength that andropausal men are trying to maintain. 

 Having a diet rich in leafy green vegetables is suggested to help maintain muscle agility and strength. Leafy green vegetables also provide antioxidants and fuel needed for maintaining a strong exercise regimen. As a matter of fact, leafy green vegetables are the primary ingredient in many anti-aging pharmaceuticals because of their natural ability to fight the signs of aging in both men as well as women.  

 Herbal remedies and vitamins like vitamin C and E are exceptional for athletes as they have been shown to reduce post-exercise muscle fatigue and soreness, especially in men that are susceptible to andropause. Aging athletes that try to use performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) often find that they begin feeling the very bodily stresses that they were trying to prevent in the first place.  

Sure, they may lose weight fast or build some muscle mass faster than they would through traditional ways, but those build-ups don’t tend to be long lasting and their health and well-being could end up suffering in the long-run.