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Masculinizing hormone therapy – also called gender-affirming hormone therapy – induces the physical changes in the male body caused by hormones during puberty.  Masculinizing hormone therapy can align your gender identity and body in what is often referred to as “gender congruence”.

But all Masculinizing Hormone Therapies are not the same. In this article the Bioidentical Hormone therapy experts at SottoPelle in Phoenix, AZ discuss various considerations of selecting Masculinizing Hormone therapy

How Masculinizing Hormone Therapy Affects the Body

When masculinizing hormone therapy is started before the changes of female puberty begin, it can help a patient avoid the secondary sex characteristics of the female body, such as the development of breasts. But, while transgender teens are embracing their true identities earlier than previous generations, it is still relatively rare for an adolescent to start Masculinizing Hormone therapy before puberty.

In adults, during masculinizing hormone therapy the administration of the male “sex hormone” testosterone, will suppress ovulation, eliminate menstrual cycles, and decrease the production of estrogen in the ovaries. The changes caused by masculinizing hormone therapy may be temporary or permanent.

Masculinizing hormone therapy will begin producing changes in the body within a few weeks to a few months. Menstrual generally stops within two to six months of treatment. Deepening of the voice starts to occur between three and 12 months after treatment, with maximum lowering of the voice in about one to two years.

Facial and body hair growth typically becomes visible between three and six months after treatment, increasing for up to three to five years. And masculine body fat redistribution will start within three to six months, while increased muscle mass and strength begins within six to 12 months after treatment.

Is Masculinizing Hormone Therapy the Right Choice?

Every person is entitled to live their own identity – and masculinizing hormone therapy can alter the body’s hormone levels (and appearance and characteristics) to match a person’s true gender identity. However – like any medical treatment – masculinizing hormone therapy isn’t always right for every transgender man.

Masculinizing hormone therapy does come with various side effects that can affect sexual function, fertility and cause other health issues. So, it is important to have a frank discussion with a doctor who understands the “ins and outs” of masculinizing hormone therapy – to weigh the risks and benefits for you.

Certain patient may need to avoid or delay masculinizing hormone therapy if they have any of the following medical conditions:

  • hormone-sensitive cancer, such as breast cancer
  • thromboembolic disease / deep vein thrombosis / or pulmonary embolism
  • are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • have certain uncontrolled mental or behavioral health conditions
  • other medical conditions thought by the treating physician to contra indicate hormone usage
  • Have a condition that limits your ability to provide informed consent

Side Effects of Masculinizing Hormone therapy

There can also be certain side effects or complications with masculinizing hormone therapy, which you should discuss with your physician.

Acne, male-pattern baldness, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight gain, vaginal atrophy, clitoral discomfort do not affect every masculinizing hormone therapy patient – but can be potential side effects. will begin producing changes in your body within weeks to months.

And because masculinizing hormone therapy typically reduces fertility, patients also need to make important decisions about their long-term reproductive plans before starting hormone therapy. Egg or embryo freezing can be an excellent idea for preserving the option of having your own biological children in the future.

The Best Method of Masculinizing Hormone Therapy

Some doctors still administer testosterone via injection, or a gel applied to the skin. However, pellets offers a superior method of hormone delivery in the form of long-acting, time released pellets for masculinizing hormone therapy.

The hormone therapy experts at SottoPelle have been helping transgender men and women live as their true and authentic selves with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy pellets since the mid 1990’s.

Bioidentical testosterone pellet therapy is a safer and more natural approach to masculinization, because it uses naturally derived hormones rather than lab-created synthetics. And because bioidentical hormones are identical to the body’s own hormones, they offer more effective results, with fewer side-effects and risks than synthetic hormones.

Additionally, long-lasting, time-released, subdermal pellets can provide continuous and consistent testosterone delivery without the roller coaster ups and downs on pills or injections. And, because a single hormone pellet insertion can last up to 6 months, there is nothing to remember to take daily – and no painful shots or messy creams gels.

Bioidentical Masculinizing Hormone Therapy | Phoenix Area

SottoPelle has helped thousands of transgender individuals across the United States and around the world with natural and safe bioidentical hormones for their transition, to align their sexual characteristics with their true gender identity. Call us today, or talk to your own physician, about the SottoPelle hormone replacement method to help you on your unique and personal gender confirming journey.

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