The old song says “you better not cry, you better not shout” but, the holiday season can make the best of us want to scream. Don’t worry you’re not alone, and to unite all those feeling that extra pressure during the holiday season, Humbug Day is here for you!
Scream, Shout, and Vent – let go of all that seasonal stress, at least for today. As in the words of our favorite Frozen Princess:

“Let it go, let it go

Can’t hold it back anymore

Let it go, let it go

Turn away and slam the door

I don’t care what they’re going to say

Let the storm rage on

The cold never bothered me anyway”

The holiday season is not always as fun as it should be (especially now that you want be able to stop humming that Frozen song). It can be a very isolating time for many people, especially when people lose the sight of what really matters in search of that perfect gift for Aunt Sue. Remember that shopping does not bring us the meaning of life, nor does one present make or break a day.

National Humbug Day provides an outlet for venting your frustrations with the element of humor to allow a much needed “blow off some steam” before the festive season hits us all like an avalanche. It is now coincidence that the Grinch is green is it? Is he green from all the holiday cake or Christmas carols? Is it the jealousy of not having what he thinks others have? The moral of a Christmas Carol and Scrooge was that of self-redemption, so redeem yourself by letting out your stress and allow yourself to enjoy what has probably been there all along.

Any ground rules for Bah Humbug Day? Take a break from the holiday madness and become a Scrooge for one day. Think of yourself and take a much needed mental vacation day. Vent and shout “Bah Humbug: a few times today – but try not to exceed a dozen as then you may just be annoying the other Grinches.

Here are some ways to celebrate and bring out the Humbug hiding within:

1. Avoid ALL and ANY Christmas music. If a holiday song comes on the radio, scream “bah humbug” and turn to another station quickly.” If you’re in the mall or in a department store, wear ear muffs (preferable green furry ones). When your bestie turns on her Michael Bublé Christmas CD, roll your eyes, and leave the room in disgust.
2. Quote Grinch or Scrooge the entire day.

Some sample quotes to mutter:

• “Bah,” “Humbug” Try it with an English Accent – it will get attention to your venting.
• “I want to wail in self-pity, and stare into the abyss”
• “hate, hate, hate, double hate….loathe entirely”

If you still are not feeling the Bah Humbug then immediately:

1. Lock the door
2. Cuddle up on the couch,
3. Grab big tub of ice cream by yourself
4. Watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Bah Humbug to All !!!