5 Ways Female Hormone Imbalance Impacts Your Life

Most women become used to the monthly changes that occur in their life that are brought on by their menstrual cycle. And while every woman is different, the impact of monthly hormone changes is pretty universal. Some women experience hormone related headaches at the same time in their cycle every month. Others may become more emotional in the days immediately before their approaching period.

So, it stands to reason that as hormone production fluctuates (and eventually declines) during menopause, a woman will also experience a wide range of new side effects and symptoms! Some of the effects of menopause are well known, such as those legendary “hot flashes”. But other ill effects of menopausal hormone changes are far less recognized.

In this article the hormone replacement experts at SottoPelle in Phoenix, AZ discuss 5 surprising, lesser known symptoms of menopause – and explain how hormone therapy can remedy these problems to restore your quality of life.

#1. Chronic Acne Due to Female Hormone Imbalance

Some women experience acne breakouts right before or during their period. But the hormonal imbalances caused by menopause can lead to acne that simply won’t clear up. This is because androgens – the “male” sex hormones that both men and women have – stimulate the oil glands in the skin to produce “sebum”. So as estrogen levels decline and androgens increase, the excess oil production can clog pores and cause acne.

Restoring optimal hormone levels not only improves skin text and tone, it can also help remedy unsightly and embarrassing acne breakouts.

#2. Memory Fog Due to Female Hormone Imbalance

Hormones impact every organ in the body, and the brain is no exception. Hormones impact the brain chemicals called neurotransmitters – which regulate the brain cell’s ability to communicate with each other. So changes in estrogen and progesterone can make a woman feel mentally “foggy,” making it hard to concentrate and remember things.

However, other hormone-related conditions, like thyroid disease, can also interfere with brain function. So, it is important to have thorough blood testing doe if you are having trouble thinking clearly.

Hundreds of female patients at SottoPelle in Phoenix, AZ – and across the world – have reported improved memory, concentration and cognition after starting hormone replacement therapy!

#3. Depression Due to Female Hormone Imbalance

Another negative impact that hormone decline can have on the brain during the menopause transition is even more troublesome. Clinical studies have shown that there is significant increased risk of new-onset depression, as well as a relapse of depression in women with a prior history, during perimenopause.

Unfortunately, because the mental effects of menopause often are unrecognized or misunderstood by women and their physicians, many doctors immediately jump to prescribing antidepressants – which can have many negative side effects. But a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry found that perimenopausal and early postmenopausal women who were given hormone replacement were less likely to experience symptoms of depression.

#4. Fatigue Due to Female Hormone Imbalance

Many women in their 40s and 50s attribute their constant fatigue to the demands of balancing a family, a career, a household, and even in many cases aging parents. So, often they do not realize that they are tired all the time as a result of a hormone imbalance – not just the stresses of everyday life.

But, excess levels of progesterone can actually make a person feel quite sleepy. And if the thyroid produces too little thyroid hormone, it can result in a loss of energy. Fortunately, a simple blood test – including a thyroid panel – can tell you if your hormone levels are too low or out of balance.

You don’t have be be tired all the time – no matter what your age or how busy your life! Thousands of women in the greater Phoenix, AZ area – and across the globe – have restored their energy and vitality with the SottoPelle bioidentical hormone replacement method.

#5. Loss of Sex Drive Due to Female Hormone Imbalance

Many women think that a decreased interest in sexual intimacy is a “normal part of aging.” Others blame loss of interest in sex on the same factors that they believe are responsible for fatigue: work stress, family demands, and things like financial pressures and the exigencies of daily life. But loss of libido does not have to be a “fact of life” as one gets older or busier. If your sex drive has declined, you may be experiencing a testosterone deficiency.

While testosterone is considered a male hormone, women’s bodies make testosterone, too. Estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone all affect sexual desire and arousal in women.  So, if your hormone levels are lower than usual, you might have less interest in sex than you usually do.

In clinical studies, women who were given hormone therapy – including testosterone – experienced significantly increased sexual desire and reported having more satisfying sex more often than women who didn’t receive hormone therapy. In addition to increasing desire and sexual arousal, testosterone replacement also improves orgasm and sexual sensation and responsiveness.

Female Hormone Imbalance Therapy | Phoenix

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, having a thorough blood test to evaluate your hormone levels should be your first step. Thanks to hormone replacement therapy, you do not have to “learn to live with” fatigue, low libido, mental fog, chronic acne or the other signs and symptoms of menopause. And, hormone replacement therapy offers the advantage of treating the actual underlying problem – not just putting a “band-aid” on the symptoms. Additionally, hormone replacement therapy can also help you avoid unnecessary and dangerous drugs.

The hormone replacement experts at SottoPelle in the greater Phoenix, AZ area take a holistic, customized and integrative approach to treating female hormone imbalances, to help women get their body back in balance, so that they can live their best life at every age!

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