SottoPelle Hair Repair Supplement
Featured in Prime Women Magazine

SottoPelle Hair Repair Supplement was featured this month in Prime Women online magazine. In that article the journalist explained how she had used this amazing product herself, and reported on the excellent hair restoration results she achieved:

As my stylist was looking at my hair and we were discussing what she was going to do today (lighten it and trim off the dead ends, my usual boring order), she started lifting shorter strands at the top. She asked me if I’d had some hair loss in the recent past, and I reminded her of my run-in with clarifying shampoo and all the hair I watched wash down the drain. She remembered my devastating experience from a few months back and asked me about the supplement I’d used to try to fix the hair loss issue. I pointed out that my new hair growth seemed to answer her question: SottoPelle® Hair Repair Formula works.”    


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