Hormone Replacement Improves Low Sex Drive in Women

A woman’s sexual drive – called her “libido” – is affected by a profoundly complicated combination of emotional and physical factors. Each woman has her own unique set of stimuli that will trigger the sensations that create desire and deliver a satisfying sexual experience. But, while many of the elements that affect sex drive vary from woman to woman, there is one thing that universally affects each and every woman’s libido: hormones.

A woman’s ability to achieve both arousal and sexual climax is influenced in large part by the production of sex hormones. Most women are aware that a reduced sex drive can be caused by decreases in levels of the female sex hormone estrogen. But most women don’t realize that sufficient levels of the male sex hormone testosterone are also necessary for a healthy and satisfying sex life.

In this article, the hormone replacement experts at SottoPelle discuss how hormone therapy can treat low sex drive in women and restore sexual satisfaction and fulfilment at any age.

Hormones and Female Sex Drive

As a woman ages her production of the sex hormone estrogen dramatically declines. And as estrogen levels decrease, sexual arousal and responsiveness declines in women. Low estrogen levels can also result in dryness and lack of lubrication in the vagina that can cause sex to be painful – further dampening a woman’s interest in intercourse.

However, a recent study reported in Physician’s Weekly explained that testosterone also affects female libido. They reported that testosterone acts directly on the brain to influence sexual desire, fantasy, and thoughts, and also increases blood flow to the genitalia – improving sensation, arousal and orgasm.

So, for many women, a low libido or “sex drive” is simply due to a hormone deficiency or imbalance. For these women, 100% natural bioidentical hormone replacement pellets can often safely and effectively restore a healthy sex drive.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Low Sex Drive in Women

For many years, doctors exclusively treated female hormone deficiency with prescription estrogen products that had to be applied to (or inserted into) the vagina. These messy estrogen creams often interfered with the spontaneity of sexual relations, and stained sheets and clothing. But, even worse than being sticky and awkward, topical hormone creams delivered inconsistent results: surging when applied and then wearing off over the rest of the day.

Hormone pills have also been widely prescribed by doctors to improve libido. But pills also have to be remembered every day – and can also cause a “roller coaster effect” of fluctuation hormones. Additionally, hormone pills are typically one-dose-fits-all prescriptions that are not customized for the patient’s unique and specific hormone imbalances.

However, a newer and more effective way to treat a reduced libido (and painful sex) caused by menopausal hormone decline is 100% natural SottoPelle Method Bioidentical Hormone Replacement using subdermal pellets.

SottoPelle Hormone Replacement Pellets for Low Sex Drive in Women

The SottoPelle Method using bioidentical hormone replacement pellets is designed to restore a woman’s sex hormones to their ideal levels – remedying low libido in women, while also helping them become healthier in the process.

The hormones used in the SottoPelle Method are delivered via pellets that are “bioidentical” and derived 100% from natural sources, making them nearly identical to the hormones produced by the human body. As a result, these pellets are safer and more effective than synthetic lab produced hormones.

As an added bonus, hormone pellets are inserted in a quick office procedure that delivers ongoing and consistent 24/7 hormone delivery – without daily pills or messy creams. It’s a “one and done” process and you never have to remember to apply creams or take pills in order to be “in the mood”.

Typically, within a week of pellet insertion, women notice a marked improvement in libido, enhanced sexual sensation and better orgasms, as well as improved comfort during intercourse. And a single treatment with this amazing form of hormone replacement can improve libido and other symptoms of menopause for up to 5 months with a single treatment.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Low Sex Drive – Phoenix, AZ

At SottoPelle in the greater Phoenix area, we proudly offer a safe, natural, discreet, effective and long-lasting solution to the problem of low sex drive in women. A quick blood draw and comprehensive blood work will enable us to identify exactly what type of hormone deficiencies or imbalances you are experiencing.

Then we will customize a personal hormone replacement plan for your unique needs, that can help you achieve a happier and more satisfying sex life – as well as improve other symptoms of menopause or aging.

For more information on how SottoPelle Method Bioidentical Hormone Replacement can restore your love life, schedule a consultation at our Phoenix area office today!


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