Are Hormone Replacement Pellets Better Than Pills?

Thanks to informational shows like The Doctors, and websites like WebMD, many men and women now realize that there are big benefits to replacing the hormones that decline with age. If you are a woman approaching age 50, your own doctor may have suggested estrogen replacement therapy to ward off symptoms of menopause and prevent osteoporosis. Or, if you are a man experiencing sexual performance problems such as “ED” you are probably aware that low testosterone levels (“Low T”) may be to blame.

But, all hormone replacement therapies are NOT created equal! Men and women who have already tried traditional non-pellet methods of hormone replacement – such as creams, pills, rings, shots or patches –  will typically tell you that these methods of hormone treatment are not only inconvenient, but also deliver inconsistent results, as well as many unwanted side effects.

However, the good news is that the revolutionary SottoPelle® Method offers time-released, long-lasting, under-the-skin hormone replacement pellets that can eliminate the hassle, and reduce the side effects, of conventional hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement pellets also provide more consistent delivery of hormones than oral pills, topical creams, or weekly shots – avoiding the roller coaster effects of once daily or once weekly hormone administration.

In this article the Hormone Replacement experts at SottoPelle® in the greater Phoenix, AZ area explain why hormone replacement pellets are superior to other methods of hormone replacement.

Hormone Replacement Pellets: The Right Dosage

Hormone creams, pills and shots all deliver inconsistent amounts of hormones. When you take a hormone pill or apply a cream or gel in the morning, you get a sudden large surge of hormones – which then wears off over the rest of the day. The result is a “roller coaster effect” of hormonal “ups and downs” in your body every day!

On the other hand, hormone replacement pellets are time-released – so they deliver a steady, consistent, around-the-clock dose of the hormones your body needs, only as the body needs them. Just like the body, pellets deliver more hormones when your body needs them – such as during exertion or when stressed – and less when the body doesn’t need as much!

Because pellets release hormones the same way the ovaries and testicles do – with a continual, 24/7, low dosage – they keep the body’s hormones in balance, at all times throughout the day. So, there are no mood swings, sudden hot flashes, and other symptoms of hormone fluctuation.

Hormone Replacement Pellets: More Convenient

In addition to delivering surging roller coaster dosages, hormone replacement pills mean you have to remember to take a pill every day – and sometimes multiple times a day. Hormone creams are no better, and are sticky, messy, smelly and can interfere with natural sexual intimacy and enjoyment. And, hormone injections (shots) are no fun at all! Nobody really wants to have to go into the doctor’s office twice a month to get a shot – or (even worse) give themselves a shot every two weeks!

While hormone patches offer more consistent delivery than pills, they are visible and unsightly. And patch-wearers must worry about the patch falling off when they swim, shower, workout or sweat. Additionally, patches need to be replaced weekly – usually following a complicated three-weeks-on, one-week-off schedule.

But hormone pellets are “one and done” for up to six months – in a simple and quick insertion procedure in our Phoenix, AZ area office.  Once the customized hormone pellet is inserted under the skin by the hormone replacement experts at SottoPelle® in Phoenix, AZ, you can forget about it! And it continues to consistently, painlessly and invisibly deliver hormones for up to 5 months in women, and up to six months in men. (And if you live outside of the greater Phoenix, AZ area you can find a SottoPelle® hormone replacement provider HERE.)

Hormone Replacement Pellets: Customized for Each Patient

If your doctor has prescribed a hormone replacement pill, patch or shot, it is also very likely that you are just getting a “once-size-fits-all” dosage that has not been customized specifically for your unique hormone deficiency or imbalance.

However, hormone replacement pellets are customized for each patient’s unique needs. The doctors at SottoPelle® in Phoenix, AZ – as well as the certified SottoPelle® Method pellet providers across the country – will conduct a comprehensive examination, patient history, and thorough blood work to determine the type and extent of your individual missing or imbalanced hormones. Then we customize your hormone pellet therapy to your unique and individual needs.

With hormone pellet therapy you only get the hormones you need to restore your body to perfect balance and functioning – without the risk of excess, unneeded hormones that can cause additional side effects or symptoms.

Hormone Replacement Pellets | Phoenix, AZ

With SottoPelle® Method hormone replacement, there are no daily pills to remember, no gooey gels to apply, no painful weekly shots, and no ugly patches to fall off and replace! And, because hormone replacement pellets time-release hormones into the body, hormone levels remain more consistent, so symptom relief is more effective.

If you live in Scottsdale, AZ or the greater Phoenix, AZ area schedule a thorough, personalized hormone analysis and consultation at SottoPelle®. And if you are outside of the Phoenix area, you can also use our physician finder to locate a SottoPelle® hormone replacement pellet provider in your area, or almost anywhere in the US!

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