Your nutrition, hormones, stress and many lifestyle factors can contribute to problems with your hair. Hair loss can occur for many reasons but there are natural and cost effective ways to help this problem.

Our Hair Repair natural supplement is our unique blend of several key ingredients. In a National Institute Health article “Nutrition of women with hair loss problem during the period of menopause” :

“The use of nutritional supplements to correct nutritional deficiencies can undisputedly help many patients and improve quality of life. Dermatologists in skin build and function disorders and in case of hair loss most often recommend diet supplementation with preparation containing Zn, Cu, Fe (especially for vegetarian people), Vitamins A, D, E, niacin, B12 and biotin. Typically, they are based on the B-complex group, including pantothenic acid and p-aminobenzoic acid.”(1)

Everyone loses some hair, but when it becomes excessive it’s important to determine the cause of the loss.  Often this natural process occurs because of hormonal imbalance. Our hormones can be imbalanced due to age, illness or other factors. Speaking to your doctor is important to diagnose the symptom of hair loss and the cause. Many doctors will prescribe the supplements found in our Hair Repair.


Saw palmetto is found to stabilize testosterone levels and slow down the hair loss process. Zinc deficiencies have been identified as a key element in hair disorders and biotin is one of the most prescribed supplement for its treatment. We have successfully blended the most important and productive ingredients for improving your hair health.

Hair Repair is one of our patients favorite supplements as they have found it highly successful in addressing hair loss and damage as they get older.


Take off the hat and undo that ponytail and try our Hair Repair today!!