Improve Erectile Dysfunction with Natural Low Testosterone Treatment

For a man, sexual performance problems such as erectile dysfunction (“ED”) can be an embarrassing topic. Even though trouble achieving or maintaining an erection is something almost all men experience from time to time, most men don’t like to talk about it. This is a shame, because there is a remarkable new, all-natural and highly effective treatment that can help many men with ED – in the form of long-lasting, time-released bioidentical hormone replacement pellets.

This revolutionary low testosterone treatment has helped tens of thousands of patients in the Phoenix, AZ area, across the U.S. and around the globe reinvigorate their sex drive, restore their sexual performance, and increase energy and stamina – as well as improve their overall health and wellbeing.

How Low Testosterone Influences Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

When problems achieving and/or maintaining a firm erection happen more than occasionally, the condition is called “erectile dysfunction” (often abbreviated as “ED”). And, while ED can affect men of almost any age, erectile dysfunction typically becomes more likely as a man gets older. This is because, as a man’s body ages, it produces less of the male sex hormone testosterone.

In addition to causing erection issues, low testosterone (“Low T”) also frequently results in a reduced “sex drive” or lack of interest in sex.

The relationship between testosterone levels, male performance and libido is very complex – and a wide variety of other factors can also affect a man’s sexual vitality. In addition to low testosterone, underlying diseases or medications that affect blood flow to the penis can also cause or contribute to erectile dysfunction. But, as a starting point, if a man’s male sex hormones are deficient or out of balance it is very likely that he will not be able to enjoy the same sexual vitality that he did when he was younger. So a good first step in treating erectile dysfunction is almost always to take a look at a man’s hormone levels.

How Do I Know if I Have Low Testosterone?

In addition to the onset of erectile dysfunction and/or a decreased sex drive, there are many other visible tell-tale symptoms of low testosterone levels. Low T can also cause loss of body hair, decreased muscle size or strength, larger male breasts, hard-to-lose belly fat, thinning hair on the head, low energy or fatigue, bone fracture(s), and even depression or mood swings.

But what makes low testosterone even more dangerous are the unseen health effects.  “Low T” puts a man at risk for almost every serious health disease, including Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, low bone density, heart disease, and in some cases even cancer.

The hormone replacement experts at SottoPelle® in Phoenix, AZ (or SottoPelle® providers in other states) can conduct thorough blood tests to measure your testosterone (and other hormone) levels – to see exactly what the underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction is.

And if you are suffering from Low T we can restore low testosterone levels with 100% natural, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy – in the form of all-natural bioidentical hormone pellets! If low testosterone is at the root of your erectile dysfunction, low energy, loss of sex drive or fatigue, this simple treatment in our Phoenix area office can alleviate these problems for up to 6 months.

What is the Best Low Testosterone Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

Many men are too embarrassed to see a doctor for low testosterone, and instead waste money on ineffective supplements and over-the-counter “miracle cures” advertised online or in TV commercials. Other men rely on medications such as Viagra that have dangerous side effects, including sudden drop in blood pressure, chest pains, vision loss and interaction with other medications.

But if you have erectile dysfunction, some or all of the other symptoms of low testosterone, it is essential that you see a doctor, and not try to treat yourself!

If your blood tests show that you do indeed have low testosterone levels, then naturally and consistently replacing your hormone levels with time-released hormone replacement pellets is typically the best first step to restoring sexual performance, as well as improving overall vitality and health. In other words, hormone replacement doesn’t just treat the symptom(s) of Low T (like Viagra does) – balancing hormones actually corrects the underlying problem.

Think of the human body like a car with a leaky tire. You can keep putting air in the tire every single time you want to drive it (Viagra). Or, you can actually fix the leak in the tire one time (hormone replacement), and then not have to worry about the tire going flat every time you want to go somewhere!

Why Choose Bioidentical Testosterone Replacement Pellets to Treat ED?

There are actually two kinds of hormones that are used to replace low testosterone: synthetic, which are created in a lab; and, “bioidentical” which are naturally derived from plant sources. Bioidentical hormones are virtually the same as the hormones that naturally occur within the human body in almost every respect on a molecular level.

The SottoPelle® Method uses pellets that contain only bioidentical forms of testosterone. This means that they are more easily recognized and put to use by the body than lab-created hormones – making them more effective. And since they are identical in nearly every way to the body’s hormones they are also much safer, with much lower risks of side effects.

There are also many different methods of delivering hormone replacement to the body. Traditional testosterone replacement methods include daily pills, three-time-daily buccal cavity gum, painful bi-weekly injections (shots), replaceable patches worn on the body, and the application of messy gels that absorb through the skin. However, the SottoPelle® hormone replacement method has revolutionized low testosterone treatment with the use of tiny, time-released, under-the-skin testosterone pellets that replace hormones for up to six months – all with a single treatment.

Not only are these rice-grain-sized subdermal pellets infinitely more convenient, they also deliver testosterone constantly and more consistently – keeping your hormones level at all times, just like your testicles used to do. And because testosterone pellet insertion is “one and done”, a man is always “ready” – and does not have to “plan in advance” for sexual intimacy.

Low Testosterone Treatment for ED| Phoenix, AZ

SottoPelle® Method twice-a-year low testosterone treatment enables men suffering from Low T to enhance their sexual drive and performance, improve their overall energy and health, and help prevent against dangerous health disorders such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more.

And, since muscle mass, body fat, and hair loss are also impacted by testosterone, SottoPelle® Method low testosterone treatment also offers big benefits in terms of body composition and appearance, as well as treating erectile dysfunction.

Call the hormone replacement experts at SottoPelle® in Phoenix, AZ area and schedule an in depth consultation and blood analysis to see if life-changing low testosterone pellet treatments are what you need to treat erectile disfunction and restore a satisfying sex life.

And if you are outside of the Phoenix, AZ area, you can also use our physician finder to locate a SottoPelle® low testosterone treatment provider in your area, or almost anywhere in the US!

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