“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.”- Rainer Maria Rilke

Have you resolved to make a fresh beginning in the new year? A lot of us focus on physical issues like losing extra pounds, getting more exercise or cleaning up our diets. But what about having your hormones checked? If you are a man or woman aged 40 to 50, chances are your hormone levels are declining. In fact, many people in this age range are beginning to experience symptoms related to hormone loss. Maybe you recognize some of them:

• Loss of libido or sex drive
• Fatigue
• Insomnia and lack of sleep
• Night sweats and hot flashes
• Ongoing weight gain
• Increased belly fat
• Loss of muscle mass
• Mood swings
• Depression, irritability and anxiety

These symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg. Hormone depletion affects functions throughout your body. Hormone loss can, in fact, impact your health significantly for years to come. For instance, estrogen loss alone can cause deleterious changes in your brain and nervous system, your heart, bones, skin, and urinary system. Low testosterone also affects bone health and brain function. Depletion can create concentration, mood and depression issues. It’s also associated with fatigue, an increase in body fat and a loss of muscle mass. All of these negative factors put you at an increased risk for a variety of aging-related diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.

Does Hormone Replacement Make a Difference?

Yes, but not every HRT method offers health advantages. Synthetic hormones are notorious for their health risks and side effects. There is significant evidence, however, that properly administered hormone replacement using bioidentical hormones provide positive benefits to those at risk of Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and many other health issues.1,2,3

Do yourself a big favor. Make it a New Year’s resolution to become the new you. Have your hormone levels evaluated by an expert who understands the importance of achieving hormone balance; one who is well-practiced in the administration of bioidentical pellet implants. You won’t believe the difference it can make in your quality of life now and for the long term.

SottoPelle® BHRT Experts

SottoPelle® has specialized in BHRT using the pellet method longer than most. Our founder, Dr. Gino Tutera, developed a proprietary method for diagnosing, dosing and implantation that makes us a leader in our field. We have a long history of success when it comes to balancing hormones and helping people take control of their health. In fact, we are honored to say that, according to Ranking Arizona, an annual consumer publication by AZ Big Media, our patients have voted us Arizona’s #1 Hormone Therapy Clinic in 2015.

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