Pellet Therapy – Truly customized HRT for Women and Men Imagine this. You order a monogrammed set of pillows for your living room. You are so excited when the box arrives that you immediately rip it open. There are your beautiful pillows looking just like they did on the computer screen when you ordered them! Except, wait a minute. Something’s wrong. Those aren’t your initials.

You call customer service to complain, and the phone rep tells you that those are the most common initials in the alphabet, so they just manufacture all the pillows with those letters. Yes, it’s true they don’t work for a lot of people, the rep agrees, but for a lot of people they do. If you’re one of the unlucky ones, that’s just tough luck.

Sound ridiculous?

Well, that’s exactly how traditional hormone replacement therapy works! Creams, pills and patches are pre-manufactured, pre-dosed, and pre-designed to deliver a certain amount of hormone that might not be the certain amount of hormone your body needs.

Does customization really matter?

Why is it so important to make sure you’re getting the right amount of hormone? Many patients who have been using creams, pills or patches discover that, over time, this type of hormone treatment can lead to side effects. Besides the dreaded “roller coaster” experience, extra hormones that build up in the body can eventually spill back into your system, creating an overdosing effect. Now the same hormones that were supposed to correct an imbalance are actually causing one!

How SottoPelle(R) makes sure you get the right amount of hormone

SottoPelle’s bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses a customizable pellet delivery system to ensure you are getting the right amount of hormone for your INDIVIDUAL needs. Before you ever begin therapy, your blood levels will be tested to determine the best dosage for you (not “most people,” you). For women these tests include FSH, estradiol, SHBG, thyroid, testosterone and free testosterone. Men will have a PSA, estradiol, testosterone, liver profile and blood count. Your hormone levels will be tested again a few weeks after starting therapy and before your next implantation. By routinely monitoring your hormone levels before and during treatment, we can ensure you are getting just the amount of hormone you need.

When your body produces hormones, it doesn’t flood your system all at once! It gently releases what is needed at the time it is needed. Pellet therapy is designed to do the same. Literally, “HRT On Demand”. Pellets will even temporarily release more hormone when you need it, during times of stress or exercise, for example. It is truly the closest thing to the body’s normal hormone production available! So don’t get crammed into a “one-size-fits-all” model of hormone replacement therapy.

SottoPelle is your perfect fit.