Spring is such a refreshing change from the cold winds of winter. It’s the season of rebirth, renewal, hope and change. Plants pop through the soil, birds build their nests and animals awaken from their long winter slumber. For humans, spring motivates us to clear out the clutter and embrace the new. It calls us to open windows and let the sun shine in and fresh air blow through. Spring cleaning helps us start again. It is also the perfect time for personal change.
If you don’t already have a spring ritual, why not begin one? Use this season to inspire you to refresh your mind, body and spirit. Here are some suggestions for making changes that can help you become more active, alive, and connected to yourself, others and the world around you:

1. MIND: Challenge yourself by learning something new.

As you get older, your brain tends to get rusty unless you exercise and feed it properly. Science shows that activities like learning to play an instrument or studying a second language can alter your brain no matter what age you are. Why not make this the year to broaden your musical and linguistic horizons? You’re never too old to learn something new! Colleges and universities all offer continuing education courses for adults to help you achieve your goals, so that might be a good place to start.

2. BODY: Get active with a new physical challenge.

Most of us have made and broken our New Year’s exercise resolutions dozens of times. Be that as it may, it’s never too late to start again. Plenty of 70, 80 and even 90 year-olds are out there riding bikes, swimming, walking the pavement and even running in marathons. You don’t need a gym to exercise and you don’t need to be a former athlete to kick start a new exercise program. Just do it. Grab a friend if you need company; buy an exercise DVD; or put YouTube on your TV for yoga, Tai Chi and other routines. If you haven’t exercised in while, begin slowly and work your way up. Keep a diary to help maintain your motivation. Remember, even a small amount of exercise will reap many benefits for you. Not only can it help you get past the aches and pains of being older, but it’s great for your mood, brain and energy levels too!

3. SPIRIT: Initiate a new meditation or prayer practice.

When we were children, our parents had us say our prayers before bedtime. Little did we know then that prayer and meditation can actually change our brains, improve our health, de-stress us and reshape our reality. As adults we could benefit from returning to this ritual. If you can’t make space in your day, bedtime is a perfect time for relaxation and quiet reflection through prayer or meditation. It will calm you, help you sleep better and longer and reconnect you with your spirituality. There are wonderful meditation and prayer guides available on CD that you can buy online, as well as prayer/meditation journals to help prompt you and guide you in your new practice.

Wishing you joy, inspiration and a fruitful spring rejuvenation from your friends at SottoPelle®!