Summer is a perfect time to start SottoPelle®.  It’s hot outside and who wants to suffer with hot flashes too?  We wanted to post some great tips for staying healthy and active during the hot summer. So what works, and what does not? Let us know, or add your own tips here too.  We will post a new suggestion each week during the summer on our social media. Submit your great or unique idea to help others dealing with summer and Menopause. Until then, we have scoured the net and tried to compile some of the best ideas:

Summer Hot Flashes

  • Sip a cold drink. If you feel a hot flash coming on, this could help lower your body’s temperature.
  • Pay attention to what you eat and drink. Hot and spicy foods, caffeinated drinks and alcohol can all be triggers.
  • Breathe. Anxiety over the hot flash can actually worsen it. Work on steadying your breathing; practice yoga, meditation or other helpful relaxation techniques.
  • Don’t smoke. Tobacco use is linked to an increase in hot flashes.
  • Wear layers of clothing so you can peel them off when a hot flash hits.
  • Consider complementary or alternative treatments.
  • Freeze something. An ice-cold washcloth taken from the freezer and placed around your neck can cool you off in a hurry. There are also products on the market that contain tiny crystals inside a swath of fabric that you can drape around your neck. Or do as one friend of mine does—open your freezer and stick your head right in!
  • Lose weight. Losing excess pounds can significantly alleviate—or even eliminate—hot flashes. Researchers found that each 11-pound decrease in weight yielded 33 percent greater odds of improvement in hot flashes. It’s not entirely clear why overweight women suffer more; some theorize that excess fat traps heat, leading to more sweating and flushing to cool the body; or that obese women’s blood vessels react differently to heat or stress.

Some other common sense suggestions are:

Sun – Be careful in the sun.  Always wear sunblock and remember fluctuating hormones and normal aging can take a toll on your skin. So use care in the summer sun. Your skin will thank you.

Stress Free – Don’t sweat the small things. Lowering stress levels during menopause or any age can help your health. Find some quiet time each day for yourself. This really is a great de-stressor too.

Socialize – Don’t suffer in silence. There are others out there experiencing the crazy roller coaster called menopause like you.  Seek out others to help support you, either a family member, friend, or trusted doctor.

SottoPelle® is a healthy and natural solution to help the quality of life during menopause. Don’t take our word for it, ask the thousands of women and men who are seeing how the Power of Pellets® are helping them all year round.  Remember, send us your great tips on how to deal with Menopause in the Summer time to:!!