Being transgender brings with it layers of diversity and complexities not to mention a long list of struggles. These can range from emotional, psychological and social issues, to legal, employment and travel discrimination, and the litany goes on. One of the biggest hurdles transgender patients face is finding a doctor who can treat their hormonal issues safely, effectively and correctly.
Frankly, most doctors lack the knowledge and experience to help transgender patients and many don’t even know where to start. For years there has been a distinct lack of long term studies to aid doctors in treating these individuals. Nonetheless for more than 60 years in the U.S. and 70 years in Western Europe, doctors have experimented with cross-sex hormone treatments based on the recommendations of expert opinions. They’ve had to do this without the reassurance of solid data related specifically to transgender concerns.

SottoPelle® has been treating hormone issues of all kinds far longer than most in our field. Cross-sex hormone treatment can be delicate to administer. It requires both a precision method and an expert who understands the desired outcome. Remarkably, we find that our method is a perfect fit for transgender individuals and have been successfully treating transgender females and males for two decades now.

What Makes SottoPelle® so Perfect for Transgender Hormone Treatment?

Bioidentical Hormones
We use plant-based hormones that exactly match human hormone. Studies have shown for decades that bioidentical hormone therapy, when properly administered, is both safe and effective. Side-effect laden synthetic hormones are simply not the healthiest choice. Research consistently associates them with serious health risks.

Pellet Implant Method
The pellet implant method been successfully used since the 1930s. Research studies support it as the most effective and safe method of hormone delivery available. This method sends a steady, low dose of hormone directly into the blood stream. Hormones are delivered around the clock, seven days a week for up to six months. The body recognizes and can work with this type of delivery method. In fact, it is the only system that allows more hormone to be delivered when the body needs it.

More Convenient & Safer Than Other Methods
You will not need a daily pill box full of harmful drugs to help create your transgender transformation. Our approach is safer, more natural, much simpler and straightforward. We monitor any health risks closely and work in tandem with other participating physicians.

It’s important to realize that you will be taking these hormones for the rest of your life. For the sake of your long term health and well-being, you must chose the safest hormones and delivery system available. The SottoPelle® method is just such a method. Our natural bioidentical pellet approach is simple, straightforward and based on delivering the proper amount of hormone slowly into the blood stream around the clock.

Very importantly, the pellet hormone delivery method transports hormone directly into the blood stream, bypassing the liver, making it a safer alternative than pills. When taking pills, a larger dose must be prescribed in order for it to be of any use. The liver can break down a large portion of it before it can reach general circulation. Pills can also seriously affect clotting factors, lipoproteins and inflammatory factors.

Another commonly used method, injection, relies on side-effect laden synthetic hormones. Long term use is impossible. As treatment proceeds, increasing resistance to the synthetic hormones builds. This resistance results in more frequent injections and further resistance.

Precision Dosing
SottoPelle® tailors your hormone therapy according to your unique needs. We understand how to administer cross-sex hormones. Our goal is to provide hormonal balance, something other methods or even other pellet therapies cannot deliver. Our accurate analysis and dosing eliminate the guesswork, trial and error, as well as standardized dosing.

Meticulous Pellet Insertion
Dr. Tutera developed a precision pellet insertion technique. In his experience, the length of time the implants are effective directly relates to the quality of the pellet combined with the proper implant technique. Other insertion methods often lead to pellet extrusion or further problems related to improper placement.

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