Transitioning from male to female or female to male is a tremendous undertaking. There is a lot of confusion and mythology surrounding hormone therapy, making it critical to do your research before signing on. Above everything, you want to make sure that you have selected the safest and most effective hormone treatment. Since you will be on these hormones for the rest of your life, you need to understand what to look for. Here are some guidelines and tips for you:

  • At all costs, avoid synthetic testosterone, estrogens and progestins. These substances do not match human hormones and fail to provide the benefits of human-made hormones. In fact, there is a large volume of research literature dating back decades that shows the risks and serious side effects of using synthetics.
  • Health-wise, it is vital to use bioidentical hormones. Bioidenticals exactly match the hormones your body makes. They have the same chemical and molecular structure. This enables them to stimulate receptors throughout the body and perform the beneficial work of human hormones.
  • The hormone delivery method makes all the difference! Common delivery modalities are plagued with drawbacks.

Transgender Hormone Treatment

PILLS can be expensive and inconvenient. Hormones in this form must first pass through the GI tract and liver, where they are quickly metabolized. This means larger doses are required in order to be effective. These large dosages create health risks, affecting clotting factors, lipoproteins and inflammatory factors.

PATCHES are messy, expensive and must be changed regularly. Many users experience adhesive allergies, skin irritation and other issues.

GELS and CREAMS are also messy and expensive. They have many drawbacks including frequent application; difficulty in assessing and monitoring doses; and harmful effects on others, including children and pets, when skin-to-skin contact occurs.

INJECTIONS are expensive and rely on unsafe synthetics. They cannot maintain beneficial blood levels, which spike initially and rapidly decline after one or two weeks. Long term use is impossible as resistance to the synthetic hormones builds over time.

Given all of these negatives, you must wonder if any hormone therapy is safe, convenient and effective.

The answer is yes.

Bioidentical Pellet Implant Therapy has been prescribed and researched since the 1930s. When properly administered and monitored, this treatment can be safely used for a lifetime.
Benefits of Bioidentical Pellets:

  • The only treatment that allows your body to control the release of hormone—raising levels when more is needed and decreasing it when it needs less
  • Deliver a very low dosage continuously around the clock
  • Release testosterone and/or estradiol directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the gastrointestinal system and liver
  • Consistently proven more effective than oral, injected, or topical methods with regard to sexual function, mood and cognitive function, metabolic function, bone density, urinary, prostate and vaginal problems, lipid profiles, breast health and hormone ratios
  • Typically last from 3 to 6 months

On a final note, the key, as a transgender individual, is to find an expert who understands bioidentical hormones, pellet therapy, and the desired outcome for transgender patients.

So why is SottoPelle® the BHRT of choice for so many transgender men and women?

Because we’re industry leaders and expert at what we do. Unlike others:

  • SottoPelle® uses the most reliable delivery system available—pellet implants.
  • Our proprietary dosing system is based in science, not guesswork. This enables SottoPelle® physicians to precisely determine the proper low dosage of bioidenticals for you as a transgender individual.
  • We use a time-proven insertion technique to assure a consistent steady delivery of testosterone and/or estradiol, 24/7.
    And we’ve been doing this a lot longer than most. With 23+ years of experience, we understand exactly what it takes to create a healthy state of balance and well-being for you.

Remember, not all pellet therapies are alike. Not every physician has the expertise to balance hormones. And that’s exactly what it takes to sustain a healthy body and support your health as you transition and thereafter.