BHRT & Weight Control – What Can be Done?

Endocrine hormones are vital to good health. They impact cells, organs and tissues throughout your body. When menopause or andropause occurs, you become hormone deficient. A woman no longer produces estradiol (her most important estrogen), and a man’s ability to make testosterone slows down dramatically. Endocrine hormone deficiency depletes the body of these vital substances and impacts many body functions negatively, including weight control. It’s a time of life when you become more susceptible to diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s and others.
When estradiol and/or testosterone are restored to beneficial levels using properly administered bioidentical hormone pellet therapy, such as our proprietary SottoPelle® method, your body can once again thrive. In fact, properly balanced hormones can make it easier for you to lose weight and keep it off. How so, you ask?

BHRT & Weight Control

1. Hormonal Balance means better sleep. Research has linked sleep deprivation with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and depression. Estrogen is a key sleep-supporting hormone. Beneficial testosterone levels allow for deeper sleep. More hours of sleep will help lower your cortisol level, which can result in weight loss.

2. Testosterone Replacement can increase muscle mass and help you lose fat. Both men and women suffer from muscle wasting as they age. At the same time, low testosterone contributes to the “fat tire” around your middle. Achieving healthy blood levels of testosterone through BHRT can help burn fat. You’ll once again see positive results from exercise and working out.

3. Healthy Hormone Levels increase metabolism, restore energy, boost motivation and are key to fitness, weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. On the flip side, hormone deficiency decreases your quality of life. Estrogen deficiency has been linked to slow metabolism. Hormonal imbalance increases the likelihood of depression, low energy, and lack of motivation, all of which contribute to weight gain or inability to lose unwanted weight.

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