Women in their late 30s to mid-40s are often taken by surprise when perimenopause symptoms start to appear.  Hot flashes, night sweats, foggy thinking, vaginal dryness, decreased libido, mood swings and depression are just some of the most common complaints.  Truthfully, hormonal imbalance can be devastating. Many women end up experimenting unsuccessfully with an assortment of remedies or HRT methods to find relief. Pills, capsules, sublinguals, patches, creams, gels, and injections can, at times, offer a reprieve from certain symptoms.  But, here’s the reality—most of these treatments have drawbacks or side effects that make them undesirable or even dangerousBesides the possibility of health risks, they do nothing to provide the balance you need for optimal health and well-being. 

Drawbacks of other forms of HRT  

  • Many hormone replacement methods rely on synthetic hormones or substances that are foreign to your body. That’s why the FDA requires pharmaceutical companies to provide label warnings with their products.  Just listen to the twenty seconds of “possible side effects” that accompany the drug company TV ads.  These side effects are why doctors are advised to prescribe the least amount of HRT for the shortest possible time.  
  • Oral forms of HRT do not provide the bio availability, absorbability or continuous blood levels necessary for hormonal balance. Because they pass through the GI tract and liver, a higher dose is needed to achieve the right blood levels for symptom relief.  
  • Creams & gels cause hormone ups and downs as opposed to the evenness of continuous hormone release that the body is accustomed to.  It is easy to over or under dose using these methods. The prescribed dosage itself is difficult to assess and monitor, requiring a lengthy trial and error period.  Skin to skin contact can harm others, including children and animals.  
  • Injectable hormones rely on pharmaceutical synthetics, which are side-effect laden and unsafe. Hormone blood levels spike shortly after administration and decline rapidly after one to two weeks.  Long term use is impossible and hormone balance can never be achieved.  
  • Patches do deliver hormone directly into the blood stream, but must be changed frequently. Towards the end of their usefulness, hormones again decline rapidly often leading to bouts of anxiety and hot flashes. Most patches have adhesive problems, either not sticking well or creating skin irritation.  

SottoPelle® – Excellence in BHRT 

What women really want is a solution to hormone imbalance that is safe, effective, and convenientOnce they discover SottoPelle®, the search is over.  Our proprietary SottoPelle® method of hormone replacement provides physiologic hormone levels around-the-clock for three to six months. It is based on these important factors: 

  1. Low-dose bioidentical hormones that your body recognizes and is able to benefit from. 
  1. The pellet implant method which has been used successfully since the 1930s. Research demonstrates that it is the safest and most effective HRT delivery method available. It is the only method that can respond to the body’s need for more hormones when it needs themWhen properly administered, the pellet implant method does more than simply relieve symptoms. It helps restore hormonal balance.  
  1. Our proprietary dosing system eliminates lengthy trial and error guesswork. 
  1. Using our meticulous insertion procedure, SottoPelle® physicians avoid the pitfalls of less experienced practitioners.  

SottoPelle has employed this pellet delivery method the longest in the field. We are the experts when it comes to this form of BHRT. Perhaps the most validating testimony comes from our patients who time and again thank us for giving them back their lives.   

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