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The SottoPelle® Method is formulated and safely administered by trained medical professionals to effectively address whole body hormonal fluctuations.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT

A single pellet treatment has been reported by patients to last anywhere from 4 – 6 months, offers consistent, 24/7 time-released delivery, fewer side effects, and better results than synthetic hormones.

As we get older, a decline in hormone levels leads to a gradual deterioration of various bodily functions. This is the reason behind the depletion of calcium in your bones, elevated blood pressure levels, the aging of your arteries, challenges in shedding pounds, a less satisfying intimate life, and a noticeable drop in your overall energy and zest for life. If you’re questioning why you don’t feel like the person you once were, it’s because your body is out of equilibrium.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellets mimic the actions of your ovaries and testicles from your younger years by providing a constant, round-the-clock, low-level supply of hormones that your body used to produce naturally. This rejuvenates your body’s organs, systems, and overall functionality to a more youthful condition. Consequently, you’ll experience a revitalized sexual life, enhanced energy and vigor, reduced bone deterioration, increased muscle mass, and optimal bodily performance.

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