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A passion for health. Compassion for patients. Visionary medicine. These guiding principles have propelled CarolAnn Tutera, CEO and President of SottoPelle®/Tutera Medical®, to the forefront of the hormone pellet industry. As the first woman entrepreneur in this field, CarolAnn has dedicated over three decades to positioning SottoPelle® as the gold standard for pellet therapy, setting a precedent for practices nationwide.

CarolAnn’s journey is marked by innovation and resilience. Co-founding SottoPelle® with her late husband, Dr. Gino Tutera, they pioneered a proprietary dosing system for pellet therapy, earning multiple patents. Celebrating 30 years for SottoPelle® and 20 years for Tutera Medical®, CarolAnn reflects on their legacy as industry pioneers. “We set the industry gold standard for how to do pellets the correct way,” she emphasizes.

Beyond business success, CarolAnn is on a mission to educate the medical community about the crucial role hormones play in brain function. Dr. Tutera’s groundbreaking work in bioidentical hormone pellet therapy (BHRT) has demonstrated significant results in treating neurodegenerative conditions. SottoPelle® has been a trailblazer, connecting hormones, brain function, and mental health, offering solutions to those suffering from cognitive and mental impairment.

A core part of CarolAnn’s mission is dispelling myths surrounding hormone therapy. Tutera Medical® aims to educate the medical community, media, and the public about the difference between synthetic hormones (HRT) and natural bioidentical ones (BHRT). This understanding is critical for preventing disease, mental disorders, and cognitive decline.

Tutera Medical® provides bioidentical hormone replacement pellet therapy for men and women, positioning itself as a leader in wellness and regenerative medicine. Innovative treatments such as Contour Light Fat Loss, Semaglutide, Peptide Therapy, and ThermiSmooth® underscore their commitment to holistic health.

For CarolAnn, the most rewarding aspect is continuing the work she and her husband started—helping patients and improving their quality of life. Their philosophy revolves around the premise that good health is an “inside job,” emphasizing hormonal balance as the body’s control panel.

CarolAnn perceives a shift in the industry toward recognizing the link between hormonal imbalances and aging. Collaborating with researchers and emphasizing the difference between synthetic and bioidentical hormones is crucial for preventing diseases and cognitive decline.

Driven by a self-motivated spirit, CarolAnn finds inspiration in the millions who need safe, natural approaches for healthier aging. Her passion is to prevent unnecessary illnesses and help people enjoy their life with dignity, vitality, and grace.

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