Doctors and patients are increasingly shunning pharmaceutical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in favor of safer, more effective bioidentical HRT.

Large scientific studies conducted over the past two decades overwhelmingly show that synthetic and animal-derived hormone substitutes are dangerous and risky. Warning labels on these drugs make that abundantly clear. Their molecular formulas differ from hormones made in the human body, making them patentable but incapable of communicating with many receptor cells needed to carry out important work throughout the body.

In contrast, bioidentical hormones precisely duplicate human hormones. These hormone equivalents are perfect matches and able to perform the same tasks as their human counterparts. Scientific research continues to back up their safety and efficacy.

Why would anyone choose the harmful side effects of pharmaceutical hormones as opposed to natural bioidenticals? An informative online article titled The Science Behind the Safety & Effectiveness of Bioidentical Hormones, lays out a clear, evidence-based case for choosing BHRT over pharmaceutical drugs.