Hormone Replacement Training: Estrogen Linked to Decreased COVID Deaths

As COVID continues to impact patients, researchers are seeking to understand all factors that link mortality and the COVID diagnosis. As a result of their studies, experts have found that estrogen may have a protective effect on COVID 19 and reduce the severity and associated mortality rate.

In past pandemics, it was found that female patients have faster and better responses to viruses and are less likely to experience severe complications. While this difference has previously not been entirely understood, researchers have now observed additional data to understand the clinical differences that are present in female patients who have greater clinical outcomes than male patients or female patients with lower estrogen levels.

At SottoPelle®, our hormone replacement training program helps educate physicians on optimal hormone ranges and how to appropriately replace estrogen for successful patient care. Understanding the link between estrogen replacement and COVID outcomes can help physicians to provide better clinical care.

Hormone Replacement Training & Treatment After COVID

Clinical studies have found that receiving estrogen replacement therapy within six months of a patient’s COVID diagnosis was associated with a decrease in COVID related deaths. While both male and female patient are vulnerable to infection of COVID, the infection tends to be more severe in men with a higher mortality rate than for women.

Young female patients and female patients who had higher estrogen levels were found to be less likely to experience complications secondary to a COVID diagnosis. Observational data, while limited, does suggest that estrogen may reduce the seriousness of the illness in female patients. A study was conducted to investigate the outcomes of patients who were receiving hormone replacement therapy and the likelihood of a COVID 19 related death.

Through the observation of patient data from many clinics in England, totaling the review of nearly two million female patients, researchers were able to cross reference outcomes of patients who were not receiving hormone replacement therapy versus those who were. Patients who were receiving hormone replacement therapy were associated with an almost 22% reduction in mortality compared to female patients who had lower estrogen levels or were not receiving hormone replacement therapy.

The findings of this study are suggestive of estrogen therapy having a protective effect on COVID 19 and a reduction of both severity and mortality in female patients.

As researchers and physicians begin to understand more about COVID and the link to estrogen, the call to explore supplemental hormone replacement therapy to reduce the impact of COVID symptoms and death is becoming more prominent. In a study performed in Sweden, researchers compared the clinical data of roughly 50,000 female patients to determine the effects of increasing estrogen levels. It was found that when comparing female patients with COVID who were also receiving hormone replacement therapy with the control group who was not, the chances of death among the group receiving hormone replacement therapy was nearly 54% lower.

Given the clinical significance of both studies, it is understandable that physicians are seeking greater education through hormone replacement training. The SottoPelle® Method of Hormone Replacement Training educates physicians on the benefits of estrogen replacement.

Hormone Replacement Training & Benefits of Estrogen

The clinical studies surrounding COVID outcomes and estrogen replacement therapy are promising. Further clinical research is evolving and is projected to continue to have favorable outcomes. But the balance of estrogen levels is important even for female patients who have not received a COVID diagnosis or are not suffering from extreme symptoms of COVID.

Estrogen replacement is beneficial for female patients who are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Hot flashes
  • Mood Swings
  • Insomnia
  • Low Libido
  • Weigh Gain or Muscle Loss
  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Fatigue and Loss of Energy

For female patients who suffer from these issues, hormonal balance is key. Estrogen replacement through pellet therapy can help female patients return to a normal quality of life. Female patients who receive estrogen therapy have reported more restful sleeping, increased energy, a boost in sex drive, better weight regulation and management, improvements in cognitive function, and relief from hot flashes and night sweats.

In addition to management of hormonal imbalance related symptoms, estrogen replacement is also an important part of prevention of chronic illnesses and disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiac issues. This is due to the role estrogen plays in regulation of key bodily function.

Hormone replacement therapy training is an asset to any physician and their practice. From management of menopausal symptoms to protection from COVID and other serious diseases, patients are seeking physicians who can treat problems related to hormonal imbalance.

SottoPelle® has a hormone replacement training program that takes the guess work out of estrogen replacement therapy. Educating physicians on an individualized approach to hormonal healthcare and the benefits of estrogen replacement is a primary part of the curriculum.

Hormone Replacement Training for Estrogen Imbalance

Physicians nationwide are seeking reputable hormone replacement training protocols. As patients become more aware of the benefits of hormone replacement therapy and the issues that come with estrogen imbalance, they are seeking medical providers who can help restore their levels to optimal ranges.

SottoPelle® Method of Hormone Replacement Training can help both physicians and their patients! Through quality hormonal education and ongoing clinical support, SottoPelle® empowers physicians to provide the best quality of hormonal healthcare. If you are a physician who is looking to elevate your clinical offerings, contact us today!

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This article is provided as general information only and is not intended to be used as medical advice. While the benefits of hormone replacement are well documented through clinical research, we are not representing that hormone therapy is a “cure” for any disease. Only your treating physician can determine if hormone replacement may be a beneficial part of your healthcare regimen, based on your age, overall health, risk factors, and lifestyle.