Ladies! Can We Talk?

Oprah Winfrey experienced the positive effects of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy after a friend turned her on to it. She writes in her blog, “After three days, the sky was bluer, my brain was no longer fuzzy, my memory was sharper. I was literally singing and had a skip in my step.”
Does this sound familiar? If so, you might have something in common with Somers, Winfrey, and millions of other women going through perimenopause or menopause.

Here’s the official list of common symptoms of hormone imbalance in women:
● Hot flashes
● Night sweats
● Mood swings
● Weight gain
● Insomnia
● Fatigue
● Depression
● Low libido
● Vaginal dryness
● Endometriosis
● Foggy memory

Some women, including Ms. Winfrey, also describe a lack of focus and a sense of their life force being “drained.”

Do you sometimes feel like that?

Do you often feel like that?

A simple blood test is the first step to getting help.

Hey, we all need help sometimes.

Girl, get tested. You won’t regret it.

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