It’s Not About Being the Right Age for BHRT – It’s About the Right Time

If you think you are too young for bio identical hormone replacement, you might be right. But then again you might be wrong.
The truth is, it really isn’t about your age. It’s about when the symptoms of hormone imbalance begin to take a toll on your health and your life.

Women tend to experience a drop in their estrogen levels around age 40, leading to symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. Men will experience a similar drop in testosterone levels at roughly the same age (often referred to as andropause).

As estrogen levels begin to decline, a woman’s body enters perimenopause. This can last several years.

For men, testosterone levels typically peak in their late twenties and begin to decline slowly but steadily from age 30 onward.

But the big Four-oh is by no means a magic number. Depending on your medical history, genetics, and your lifestyle, you may benefit from bio identical hormone replacement therapy sooner or later.

Recent research is also showing how obesity, depression and smoking behavior can contribute to a reduction in testosterone levels in men. A 2012 study of men ages 35 to 80 suggests that hormone imbalance in men is more closely linked to lifestyle than age.

So is it the right time for you to use bio identical hormone replacement?

Let your body tell you, not your calendar.

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