I love to encourage women going through midlife changes to reclaim their bodies by going through my online workout Modern Bodies Program. You see, I believe getting strong and fit can give us back the confidence and courage so many of us lose as we age. This doesn’t mean we have to try to look like a Victoria Secrets Model, it just means we work towards being the best version of us. Becoming stronger physically translates into being stronger mentally and emotionally. When we work out and build muscle it overlaps and helps strengthen our connection to our mental and emotional muscle. And, when a woman has found her confidence again and remembers her hopes, her dreams and her purpose in life…watch-out….. she will be unstoppable!

This is exactly what happened to me, at age 54 a friend convinced me to compete in a bikini competition. Through pursuing this goal I found that I had the sheer focus, lady balls and determination that I never knew I had. Mostly because I had been living in an abusive relationship for so long and constantly doubted myself. Once my body started changing and getting stronger, I realized that I could follow through and get better at something. I then found the courage and strength I needed to leave a 30 year toxic marriage and started creating a better life for myself!

This is why I created a workout to help midlife women feel strong and empowered again. Many of them, including myself gain back the confidence to chase their dreams again.

Figuring out our hormones at this age plays a big role in helping us be the best we can be. Four years ago a client told me about SottoPelle. I was having a few complications with my bladder control and had visited a some doctors. None of them giving me an answer or solution that sounded good to me. I decided to give the SottoPelle a try and have never looked back. Almost overnight, I could sleep again and my bladder/vagina issues went away never to return. Oh, I still have a few leaks here and there occasionally when I run or jump but it’s nothing like it was.

I recommend all my Modern Bodies Clients having hormonal issues talk to their Doctors about this. I see a Naturopath for mine and he follows up diligently as recommended by having my blood work done and making sure my levels of hormones stay balanced. I really don’t know where I would be today without them. I want all Modern Bodies women to have the chance to experience this – so I am offering a 20% discount on my Modern Bodies program to any women that want to start and are on SottoPelle therapy.

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