Physician Hormone Replacement Therapy Training
and Compounded Hormone Pellets

Hormone replacement therapy is available in many forms. But for physicians, its important to treat patients with the right treatment modality. Subcutaneous hormone pellets are the best form of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. These hormone pellets are roughly the size of a grain of rice and are inserted under the patient’s skin through a tiny incision.

Patient outcomes are better with the steady stream of hormones that are released by hormone pellets. There is no associated surges and spikes in hormone that can cause undesired side effects.

When physicians are searching for the best hormone replacement therapy training program, its important to work with experts in the field of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. The SottoPelle® Physician Hormone Replacement Therapy Training Method focuses on helping physicians understand subcutaneous hormone pellets and individualized dosing that is possible through hormone pellet insertion.

To help physicians in understand the role and benefit of hormone pellets in individualized and hormonal balance for patients, our experts have taken a deep dive into the compounding process to help physicians understand more.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellets & Their Derivatives

As the clinical significance of hormonal imbalances became more widely understood, researchers began to explore potential treatment options and worked to understand their outcomes. While the benefits of hormone replacement therapy were immediately obvious, courses of treatment that do not match what the body naturally produces came with a host of unwanted side effects.

In the search for a natural, safe treatment for menopause and andropause, plant-derived treatments became the common recommendation over synthetic offerings. These plant-derived hormones mimic the body’s own natural hormone production, resulting in fewer unwanted side effects and a better delivery stream.

The promoted phytoestrogens and yam-based testosterone are the industry standard for compounded hormone pellets are safe, natural, and effective for treatment patients for symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

 Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellets & Compounding

The compounding process for bio-identical hormone pellets is complex and begins with sourcing raw, plant-based active ingredients. Once raw materials are received, the formulatability (the ease of creating stable dosages capable of consistent delivery using raw ingredients) is evaluated. To confirm formulatability, several variables are reviewed including:

  • Particle size, as this influences absorption. Typically, smaller particles absorb faster.
  • Purity is a required metric of evaluation, as proper absorption is dependent upon concentration of active ingredients.
  • Stability testing must be conducted to verify the formulations’ ability to safely release hormones over time.

Following review of formulatability, compounding preparations can begin. Hormone pellet formulations tend to be complex, due to the requirement to be prepared to exact specifications to deliver a steady dose of hormones safely and reliably.

There are several factors manufacturers must conform to ensure the ability of the formulated hormone pellet to release hormones over time. These include size, shape, and content uniformity. Specific doses of hormone pellets must have the same length and width, surface area, are mixture of active and inactive ingredients to ensure patients do not receive a surge of hormone. Even the smallest deviations in size will change the delivery system.

Manufacturers who prepare hormone pellets must have special compounding equipment that is capable of mixing, drying, packaging, and sterilizing compounded pellets. Hormone pellet compounding is a complex process and prevents pharmacists from being able to make pellets “on demand.” Testing of potency and sterilization also calls for specialized analytical testing and equipment capable of physicochemical testing to ensure dissolution as confirmation of consistent deliver.

Because of the complex nature of pellet compounding, finding a trusted outsourcing facility is critical to ensure safe and effective patient results. The SottoPelle® Method Physician Hormone Replacement Therapy Training Program can help physicians nationwide understand hormone pellet dosing and connects physicians with recommended outsourcing facilities for hormone pellets.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellets & Individualized Dosing Benefits

Compounded hormone pellets allow for approaching patient care in an individualized manner. Because dosages can be customized using a variety of strengths of hormone pellets, physicians can use clinical training and knowledge to tailor hormone pellet dosing to the patient’s specific needs and symptoms.

Once a hormone pellet dosage is calculator, the compounded testosterone and estrogen hormone pellets will continue to deliver a steady, reliable stream of bio-identical hormone as the patient needs it.

SottoPelle® Method Proprietary Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellet Dosing Application

The best physician hormone replacement therapy training program is one that understands the importance of properly educating medical providers on individualized dosing. Patients should never be treated with a one-size-fits-all approach. It is important for the clinical care plan to include evaluation and treatment customized to the needs of the patient.

Fortunately, SottoPelle® offers a proprietary, multi-patented dosing application to assist in individualizing hormone pellet dosages. Geared with clinical knowledge and access to an easy-to-use hormone pellet dosing technology, physicians can offer the safest and most reliable care to their patients.

SottoPelle® Physician Hormone Replacement Therapy Pellet Training

The hormone experts behind the SottoPelle® Physician Hormone Replacement Therapy Method are passionate about educating provides on hormone pellets and individualized dosing. We help physicians across the United States to aid their patients in safe, effective, and reliable hormone replacement therapy.

If you are a physician who wants to elevate your patient care and clinical offerings, contact SottoPelle® today!

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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This article is provided as general information only and is not intended to be used as medical advice. While the benefits of hormone replacement are well documented through clinical research, we are not representing that hormone therapy is a “cure” for any disease. Only your treating physician can determine if hormone replacement may be a beneficial part of your healthcare regimen, based on your age, overall health, risk factors, and lifestyle.