For decades, SottoPelle® BHRT has helped untold numbers of men and women restore their waning libidos and rekindle the romance they had enjoyed in younger years.You’ll be happy to know (if you don’t already) that staying sexually active into old age is about more than simple pleasure. It’s also a prescription for better health and a more contented life. Studies have shown that most people over age 50 are still very interested in sex or actively engaged. But who knew it also boosts your physical well-being?

5 healthy reasons to keep the romance alive as you get older:

1) Stress Reduction
Oxytocin is released during orgasm, but also as the result of touching, and other acts of pleasure and intimacy. This powerful brain chemical has been shown to reduce cardiovascular stress and boost the immune system.

Endorphins are also released during orgasm as well as during laughter and exercise. They have a pain relieving effects and help alleviate stressful anxiety and depression.

2) Immune System Boost
With the cold and flu season upon us, maybe you should be having more sex. According to research, sex stimulates the human immune system and reduces the risk of getting a cold. Having sex once or twice a week in a fulfilling, long-term relationship is apparently great preventive medicine and you don’t even need a prescription!

3) Lower Blood Pressure
Many studies have shown that sexual intercourse lowers systolic blood pressure. This form of aerobic exercise generates the release of oxytocin during orgasm, which has a positive and direct effect on blood pressure. Apparently the effect is intensified in women.

4) Reduced Risk of Heart Disease
Increased circulation benefits all aspects of your health. Having regular sex improves the blood flow, which helps the body to nourish all of its cells and tissues with oxygen, hormones and nutrients. In fact, good circulation has a lot to do with maintaining good sexual function as you age. This goes for both men and women.

5) Improved Sleep
Having sex boosts the production oxytocin and decreases the production of cortisol. This hormonal change helps you relax and makes it easier for you to fall asleep. Likewise, studies continue to show the many health benefits of a good night’s sleep. Adequate restful sleep is associated with clearer thinking, lower risk of injury, as well as reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and other serious diseases.

Don’t let romance fade as you get older.  Take a free self-assessment quiz to see if SottoPelle® Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy can help you.